Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Mum-Mum Monster

Mac has developed a real love for Baby Mum-Mums. I kid you not, the child looked like Cookie Monster the first time we gave him one! We were laughing hysterically. As soon as he sees the bag, his little legs start kicking, arms reaching, and mouth opens up. He devours those things. They are rice rusks and dissolve very easily. They are shaped like a surfboard, and I am often nervous as he quickly lunges the thing into his mouth. I keep waiting for him to choke, but not a chance. Its gone before he has a chance! haha

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ramsey and Ellie are here!!!!

Sweet Ramsey Michael and Ellie Marie

Parker and CeCe looking into the nursery.

Big Brother Parker and Ellie.

Parker seeing the twins for the first time.

Proud parents, Lee and Jessica.
(Doesn't she look fabulous to have just had twins??)

On April 22, 2010, we proudly welcomed babies Ramsey Michael and Ellie Marie Hill to our family. They are absolutely perfect!!!! Ramsey weighs 5 lbs 10 oz and Ellie weighs 4 lbs 13 oz. Ramsey had to spend time in the NICU to help with his breathing, but he is doing so well and is already free of the oxygen assistance. Jessica is recovering wonderfully, and Lee is so fun to watch take on the role of "daddy" to his newborn babies. He is sooo good with little fact, he even took time out to play with Mac :) Parker is so proud to be the Big Brother. I'm not quite sure he has a grasp on it all, but he loves him some babies too. He is so sweet and gentle around them.

I am so thrilled that Mac will have the opportunity to grow up with cousins close to his age. And after much anticipation, we are sooo very excited to finally have Ramsey and Ellie here with us. They are both true miracles and little blessings. The fun has only just begun!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Getting ready to go to a LCHS baseball game.
Going for a stroll around the neighborhood.
This boy LOVES to eat everything...except for peas and beans!

He loves his exersaucer. And I do too; it allows me time to clean up.

His first taste of a real banana...not too sure about it yet.

And he really loves his daddy. They're so sweet to watch together.

Mac's First Playdate

This past Tuesday Mac and I had our first playdate. We went to Meredith Thurman's to play with Calin Thurman and Adam Koonce. The babies had a good time with the toys and each other, but I know the mom's had the best time! It was such a blessing to sit and talk with moms who are walking the same path at the same time. And both Calin and Adam are a few months older than Mac so their moms had lots of good advice. I'm looking forward to next week!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a great, relaxing Easter weekend. On Saturday we went to Magee to Sam's family reunion. We had a fun time catching up with relatives, and many of them met Mac for the first time. Poor Mac got wacked in the head with a basketball! Grandpa Stephen (he doesn't have a "grandpa" name yet) took him over to the court where a girl was kicking the ball at Reed. Well, as you could guess, the ball missed Reed and hit Mac square in the head. Poor kid probably got whiplash! haha He cried for a bit but didn't take long to recover. He did have a big red mark on his face. No more basketball courts for a while!!!

On Sunday, we began the morning with an early communion service followed by breakfast, Sunday School, and worship service. Since all the family was spread out for the weekend, we decided to spend the afternoon at home. We had a scrumptious lunch from Subway and went on an afternoon stroll. Even though Sam thought Mac was too young for an Easter basket, he got one anyway. No big deal, just a few balls, bubbles, and books, which he loved by the way! Oh yeah, we also took Mac and Parker to get their picture taken with the bunny. That was an experience. Why do those photographers think they're professionals???

He tried so hard to get that egg in his mouth.

I know his shirt is all drooled on, but it sure is a sweet face.

They were much more interested in each other than in the Easter Bunny.

We're on the Web!!

Well, I finally decided, and had time, to join the blogging world. With family all over creation, this should be a great way to keep everyone updated on what's happening in our small world in Monticello, MS. I have also decided, after stalking other's blogs, that it is a good way to document things as Mac grows. So, here goes...