Thursday, January 31, 2013

There's a Mouse in that Gingerbread House!!

Jessica and her kiddos made a gingerbread house at my mom's before Christmas.  My mom read a book to the kids about a mouse in a gingerbread house.  She really had them convinced that a mouse was in HER gingerbread house!  We even heard one squeaking in there ;)   
Mac looking for the mouse, complete in undies and "Fox and the Hound" hat.  (no clue why he called the hat that, but he did and wore the silly thing a lot! haha)

Everyone looking for that little squeaker.  Drew especially loved climbing up on the table and looking in the windows for the mouse.

My mom decided to let the kids dig in to the house after Christmas and eat the candy that had been tempting them for days. LOL  Parker was quick to show Drew how to get the best candy!

I never want to forget these faces...makes me smile every time :)
Mac wasn't really into eating the candy, very surprising for a kid that LOVES junk.  But buddy, Ramsey, Ellie, Parker and Drew didn't hold back one tiny bit! 

And Off To Magee...

After a few days at my parent's house, we headed down to Magee to spend a few fun-filled days with Sam's family.  We were so excited to finally meet our new niece, Ardsley and hang out with her parents (they live in South Carolina so, unfortunately, we don't get too many chances to visit with them...that's a long way from Missouri)!!  She is adorable and so sweet-natured.  The boys weren't real sure to do with a baby, let alone a girl, but they adapted pretty well :)  Ardsley loved watching Mac!  We were also able to catch up with some other good friends while there.  Good times!
Mim and Pop with their grandchildren.  I think Mac is holding Ardsley's hand :)

Had fun visiting with Mamaw Jackie

Trying to teach Mamaw how to play "Anger Birds," Mac's new obsession.

Christmas Catch-Up

 Ahhhh, I hate getting behind on my blog!!!  And here it is one day from Feb 1, and I haven't posted since right before Christmas.  I mean, what can ya do when you go out of town for three weeks?!?!  That's right, I was in Mississippi for three solid weeks...and had a good time for Christmas and one really spectacular wedding (many more posts to come in the very near future).  I must get caught up so I can send in for my 2012 blog book :)
Tradition continues with Christmas pjs.  Since Disney is so near and dear to all of our hearts these days, we went with the Mickey theme (and we can easily wear these pjs well after Christmas!)

Ever try to take a picture with a 3 year old and 1 1/2 year old???  Lots of fun!

We arrived in MS the night of the 23rd, and the next morning I found myself at the doctor for a terrible eye infection.  I figured I should just make the best of having a patch and no makeup and go as Pirate Mickey!

Our crew in fun Mickey ears (later to be props in the photo booth at Lia's wedding :) )

Not too bad considering there are five youngins in the picture
The fun that ensues when trying to take pictures!!

Keeping him happy with marshmallows, peppermint flavored, of course!
Mac was sooooo excited to finally get Tidmuth Sheds and "the whole Cars family."  All of the kids had fun playing with Christmas loot and each other.  And the entire "Cars family," a whole mack truck full, now resides in Mac's bed every night to sleep. 
We had a great, crazy time with my family for Christmas.  We also spent time with my extended family...I'll post our big family picture once I get it from my Aunt Cheryl.