Monday, August 18, 2014

ALWAYS Together!

These two are ALWAYS together.  And by choice.  They are truly best friends and don't know what to do without the other. I pray it stays that way forever!  They balance each other so well.

Having a big ol time at Ellie and Ramsey's cowboy party.

Splash pad fun

Another splash pad (we are so fortunate in Columbus to have two splash pads!)

Going to see the much-anticipated Planes Fire and Rescue. Mac loves movies.  Drew does as well but if its a longer one, you best make sure you have some popcorn to keep him occupied in the slow parts!


This was one thing they did NOT do together!  I would've guessed Drew to be the one to try the bull, but Mac surprised us by doing it, and loving it, and Drew was the one to sit out and watch.

She's A Trooper

This sweet pumpkin is a definite third child...she goes along with whatever is happening and gets a nap when she can. I've had to wake her from a nap several times to get to the next spot that the boys need/want to go.  She's been a trooper this summer and an absolute joy! (snoozing at 4 months-before she was rolling)

4 months

4 months with her little bow :-)

Snoozing/sweating while brothers play at the splash pad 

4 months

6 months

6 months, asleep on the go...again

For the love of sweet potatoes...

Clara is so proud of her spitting sound and loves to practice it...even while eating!  As you can see, she thinks it's quite fun.  I, on the other hand, am desperately trying to teach her what "no" means! haha  Well, I figure if there's gonna be a mess, it may as well be a cute one :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jumping for Joy

Jumping on a wet trampoline on a hot August day...

Back to School!

This week the boys started preschool at Fairview Baptist's Child Development Center.  They go two days a week which is a perfect setup, for them and for me! They were so very excited to get started and to use their new nap mats that we bought over the summer.  So far, not a whole lot of napping has taken place on those mats :-) In fact, Drew was such a wiggle worm on the first day that the director went and talked to him about being still.  But hey, he was great the rest of the day, so if napping is our only issue, I'm ok with that! But after a little talk, taking blanky to school, and the promise of a Nerds slush (or spanking), he was still and quiet the next day at school.  I'm thinking that since Drew and Mac still take an almost two hour nap everyday, they'll start napping once they get used to everything.  But all in all, they love it and look forward to going each time.

Mac is using his bookbag from last year, but Drew had to get one since this is his first time in school.  I let him pick any type he wanted..."huntin one" was his choice!  I think PePaw is rubbing off on this one! I hesitated to get the camo bag but decided to go ahead with it.  After his name was on, it turned out kinda cute. And he is sooo proud!

They both got to pick their lunchboxes. No surprise that Superheroes were the must-haves. 

Waiting for the school doors to open.

Love this little thing who is growing up way too fast

These two are the sweetest. I've gotten reports both days that they run to see each other out on the playground, swap hugs, and then play together the whole time, sometimes with other friends, sometimes just the two of them.
After the first day, Mac asked his teacher for an extra piece of candy (that they receive for being quiet at naptime) for Drew.  Mac overheard me in the hallway say that Drew didn't receive a piece since he wasn't still and quiet.  Mac came out of his class and very sweetly went to Drew and said, "Hey Buddy, I heard you didn't get any candy so I got you a piece!" Mac was proud and Drew was elated with a big "Tank you, Mac. You're my best brudder." I just love them...

The boys with Ms. Melody, the director.  They have welcomed our boys with open arms and are so loving towards them.  

Drew with "Ms. Wynn", Ms. Lynn Pope.  He headed straight to his cubby to put his things away, walked over to a toy center and told me bye.  He had no problem at all with me leaving.

Mac with Ms. Susan Shepard.  He had Ms. Susan the few times that they went at the end of last semester when we first moved to Columbus.  The familiarity was good for Mac.  He was excited but still had a little apprehensiveness mixed in about the first day.  He loved his name being on the Veggie Tales door.  Because of his wonderful teachers back in Missouri, he will do very well.  He was proud that he already knows most of the things his teacher said they will learn this year.  When I say his teachers at Taneyville in Missouri were wonderful, I really mean the absolute best!  Makes starting without them bittersweet. He's going to really enjoy Ms. Susan and the friends in his class.

And this bundle of smiles was along for the ride.  We had a good day while the boys were away :-)