Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Claus CAME to Town!!!

 Santa is the greatest ever!  He knew that we would soon be traveling home to Mississippi for Christmas, so he came to our house just a few days early.  What a guy!  And oh my how my little guys were soooo excited! And to be real honest, there was a very excited mommy and daddy too :) 
Leaving milk and cookies for Santa.  Mac said Santa likes junk like he does! haha

The Jolly Fellow left just a small piece of cookie and a note for the boys
Santa came!!!  And a very special sister elf made some really cute toy sacks...notice how bulging they are!  And oh yes, Mac's biggest wish came true, a new train!!!

Our stockings were hung by the chimney with care. 

Mac couldn't wait to open his bag...Drew quite literally couldn't wait, since he's already trying to dig into Mac's! haha

Mac could hardly believe his new train.  He kept saying "just what I always wanted!" over and over.  Sure made this mommy happy too.

Mac loved all of his goods.  And would quickly change his "favorite" toy to whatever he had just opened. LOL

While Drew enjoyed his toys and was eager to dig in his bag, he really loved everything big brother got.  And he of course loved the donuts for breakfast!
What a great, relaxing, and fun morning.  Seeing kids' faces light up is priceless.  And all day I can't stop thinking of how truly blessed our family is this Christmas.  Our God is so faithful!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Charlie Sightings

Charlie has been keeping us on our toes, and both boys love finding him.  Mac especially likes it when Charlie brings treats or candy from the North Pole.  I am still so surprised at how much Drew gets into finding him and the delight that ensues when he is found.  Love this holiday magic :) 
Christmas candy corn, marshmallows, Smarties, coloring just never know what Charlie might return with!
Charlie often leaves notes to applaud good behavior, which usually have a nice reminder to not repeat less than good behavior :)

A Silver Dollar City Christmas

Some very gracious friends asked us to join them one evening to Silver Dollar City as their guests.  We were thrilled to go and see the spectacular lights!  Truly some of the best I have ever seen anywhere! 

It wasn't frigidly cold but cold enough that I figured we'd bundle up tight to prevent any hint of the cold hindering our fun.

Waiting on the Christmas Parade.  Mac was so proud to wear his hunting hat that PePaw gave him.

Riding with Drew (for some reason we could not talk Mac into going)

I was crammed up in that little caterpillar!  Drew had a blast so it was well worth it. haha

On the carousel, which soon stopped because apparently Mac and I were breaking the rules of double riding...oh well!

With our friends, the Kramer's. 
Yep, that's our crazy family not paying attention to the camera. Lol
The fun faces of self photography!

Drew's 1st Haircut!

At 17 months, it was time for a big milestone for Drew.  His first haircut!  I am always hesitant to get that first cut because it instantly morphs them into looking like a big boy.  And I sure like keeping them babies as long as I can.  However, when it's just too long and shaggy, it must be done :)  We went to our favorite place in Springfield, Cookie Cutters, and patiently waited our turn on a very busy Saturday.
The many faces of a first cut!
I was so impressed!  My busy, active, love-to-be-exploring little boy actually sat still the entire time.  Never cried, whined or tried to escape.  Way to go Drew! (and hairdresser!!)

Look at those little baby curls in the back about to be cut off :(

All done!  Of course Daddy's phone helped us get through the last five minutes or so.
Before and After

Mr. Big Boy Mac Taylor also got a trim.  He actually went first to "show Drew how to be a big boy."
 He talked the lady's ear off while she cut.  Successful day of cuts and two sweet boys ready for lots of holiday pictures and a very important upcoming wedding!

Some Holiday Fun

To say that we've been busy this holiday season is an understatement!  I can't remember a holiday that we've had so many banquets, parties, gatherings and other fun stuff on the calendar.  And though a bit busy for my usual liking, it's been lots of fun and surprisingly not stressful :)  Here are just a few snipits...
We had a play date with friends where they decorated cookies and made reindeer food...Thanks Brooke Kramer for being "number one mommy" and planning our fun day!

All the kiddos minus two sibling babies

You have to know that Drew loved him some icing!

Tacky Christmas Party with the students...too bad you can't see the hideous decoration in my hair or the styling socks I had on with capris! Fun times.  And if Sam were honest, he'd tell you he actually enjoyed wearing the suspenders! haha

Trying to get a good picture at church...well, we tried!

My Aunt Cheryl sent the boys these adorable shirts again this year.  I've tried several times to get a picture where they are both looking and smiling.  This is the best one so far.  I will not give up yet!
Can you tell who's in the "I don't want my picture taken" phase?? LOL

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho!

This past weekend we had planned to meet some friends at Silver Dollar City.  However, everyone else in the state had the same plan so we opted to hit the Landing and try SDC another time.  And of course, we just couldn't go to the Landing without stopping in to visit Santa at Bass Pro!
(And yes, I am cheap and that is a picture of a that turned out pretty good all things considered!  Drew wanted no part of Santa so we opted for a family pic to get both boys in there.)

Last year Mac and Santa didn't really jive, but this year, someone was very excited to tell the jolly man what he wants for Christmas..."a new train and Tidmuth Sheds."

I love Santa! 
Mac very intently listened as Santa explained how important it is for him to go to bed like a big boy.

Love this one!

Well, I got Drew to go near Frosty at least :)

Who can go to Bass Pro without shootin' something??

"That Crazy Charlie!"

A few days after Thanksgiving, our friendly elf, Charlie, came back to visit us from the North Pole.  The week of Thanksgiving I began telling Mac that Charlie would soon be here to get him ready for his return.  Well, each day Mac would ask if his friend was here yet :)  So the morning that he made his appearance brought many smiles and much excitement.  And you'll never guess what Charlie did that first morning...he brought snow-covered donuts, letters, and special treats!  We are all so glad that he is back but that Charlie sure does some crazy things! 
Breakfast from Charlie

Letters to the boys

These boys LOVE some donuts!

Nothing better than a big white grin :)

My boy did not want to stop eating his delicious, sugary breakfast!

Loving every second

Each morning when Mac wakes up and begins looking for Charlie, we know he has found him when we hear "That crazy Charlie!  Come see what he is doing!"

Santa and his elves must check out Pinterest at night because Ol' Charlie sure has some tricks up his sleeve  :)

One of Mac's favorites...he said that Charlie was reading the story of Noah to all his friends.  Yes, that is a Gideon New Testament. hehe

Why should Santa get all the cookies??