Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Choo, Choo...All Aboard!!!

This year for Kid's Fun Night at church, Thomas the Train and his sidekick Conductor made an appearance.  Mac was so very proud of his costume and of the fact that Drew was his driver :)

I know they are my kids, but they are so stinkin cute!  

A neat shot at the front door with Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater-named because Mac and my mom like the nursery rhyme (CeCe helped the boys make our cute pumpkin when she was here)

Getting ready to go in the church.  Drew loves his car ride much better than a plain ol stroller!

Trick-or-treating on "Treat Street" at church

On the hayride (Sam was in charge of a huge indoor maze, so I had the kids to myself tonight.  We had lots of fun with not one single meltdown!)

Well, not every picture can be great, right??

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll

 We recently had some family pictures taken...I was pretty pleased with the results :)  Here is a sample...

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A Little Of This And That

I got so terribly behind on blogging this summer with our move and then months without internet service that I just realized I had some shots that still hadn't made it on the blog.  And for the sake of recording our memories for our book at the end of the year, I will just recap a few things we did this summer...
 We went to speed boat races in Rockaway Beach.  Very, very loud but pretty neat to watch.

Swinging in between the boat races

Swimming in the pool at our trailer park :)

Fussing because he wants something to eat! haha

We went to a Fourth of July concert at The Landing featuring a Journey Tribute and fireworks.  It was PACKED and hot but lots of fun.

Ooohhing at something he sees

This is a tiny example of how crowded it was.  It was this packed every way you looked for as far as you could see.  And we were right up in the middle of the madness, all to see a good fireworks show.  Sam sure did enjoy the Journey Tribute as well!

Mac was cutting a big ol rug to the music, entertaining everyone around us.

Mac and his stranger "best friend"

Each week I took the boys to storytime at the library in Forsyth.  Mac was by far the youngest but still really enjoyed the stories and crafts.  Here is some of the artwork displayed outside of the library.  Mac's is in the top left corner.

Nothing like a little fishing in your underwear. Lol (or actually, a pull-up on this morning)

We even made it to a friend's party from Monticello. Adam and Mac were weekly playmates when we lived there :)

How Many Ways Can You Celebrate??

If you have "Singleton" in your blood, birthdays are a really big deal and expected to last a really long time (especially if you are Alyssa Singleton Taylor :)  Therefore, I am proudly passing on the birthday traditions to my kids.  And as I explained in a previous post for Sam and Drew's birthdays, we have instituted "birthday week" at the Taylor house.  Mac's birthday week was filled with Thomas decorations, special treats, cupcakes, and a farm trip and finished up with a birthday celebration on his actual birthday, September 30. 
According to Mac, a birthday isn't a birthday without balloons.  The dining room was decorated all week to celebrate turning 3!!

Mac was so very proud to take Thomas cupcakes to his Awana class.  He was equally proud that he helped to make and decorate them. 

My Aunt Cheryl spoils my boys rotten.  Packages arrived all week for Mac and was he ever excited to open them up.  But even more excited to find each package filled with a Thomas toy!  He loved it all...thanks, Aunt Cheryl!!!

Thomas Cake for one very special Thomas-loving three year old boy

Drew was ready to celebrate also

Getting ready to blow out his candle

Some of our friends that came over to share the special day with us.  We are so blessed to have such great friends surrounding us here in Missouri that love our boys!

I had to put this picture...anytime that we go to someone's house, the kids all take off their shoes.  How sweet and well-mannered is that?!?  I was grateful :)

Mac was pleasantly surprised to receive gifts from his friends

Everyone getting in on the action

Someone gave Mac this costume...and buddy, he thought he truly morphed into Thomas when he put it on!

And let's not forget the "party" that my parents had for Mac when they were with us in mid-September.  We went to a yogurt shop, and they let Mac load up his cup with whatever he wanted.  And of course, balloons were present so Mac would feel like it was a party :)

It is still so hard to believe that my "baby" is already 3!  He is the sweetest, most kind-hearted little boy that I know who loves all things Thomas, Baby Drew, and candy :) 
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Day On The Farm

The weekend of Mac's birthday we had an absolutely wonderful time at The Wilson-Rutledge Farm in Springfield.  It is a really neat farm that is actually run by the public parks department, which means it's free to the public!  So glad we found this little gem.  One of the very best I have been to or seen.  And an added bonus was that since it is now the fall season, they had all of the pumpkin patch and extra activities open (for a nominal fee).  We all four had a really great day and plan to visit again very soon!

I couldn't resist a picture with the beautiful Mums.  These boys make my heart burst with happiness :)

We amazingly convinced Mac to go on a horse ride.  It never crossed my mind that Drew could ride, but they said he could.  So we strapped a helmet on that cute head and off they went!

Mac's initial reaction to the ride...not liking at all!  Even a few tears

Both boys riding their horses.  Such super volunteers to help!  The girls even took over my position with Mac so I could take pictures.  So thoughtful :)

Drew enjoyed his ride...

But also allowed himself to just totally flop all over with each step the horse took.  Sam had to work to keep him on and prevent whiplash! haha

Now saying "Giddy Up Horsey!"

He loved it and felt so big for going alone

Fun in the bounce house, trying to give Daddy a high-five

Water break!

Riding like a big boy in the cow train

Sam scrunched up in the seat with Drew.  Check out the name of that cow, "LuLu Belle" know I definitely made him ride in that one! LOL

Off they go!  Sam is the giant in the middle, and Mac is in the cow right behind him.

Milking a cow.  Quite the experience!

On the hay ride

Playing on the playground, every kid's favorite

A delicious birthday lunch of lots and lots of Cheetos

Sweet, sweet Drew!

Totally tuckered from a long, fun day!

Even Thomas and Percy were tired out and needed a nap :)