Thursday, September 12, 2013

Home Depot Fun Day

Last weekend Sam and I had planned to take the boys to Home Depot for the kid's workshop. However, some good friends ended up needing help moving so Sam wouldn't be able to go. Think that stopped me?? No way!!! I called my friend, Jamie, whose husband was also helping move, and to Home Depot we went!!
I'm sure it was a sight seeing these two mamas trying to help our little kiddos nail and glue a football ring toss :-) The kids loved it and were so proud of their finished project! 
Drew, Abbie, and Mac
Hard at work painting
I loved the work space reminded me of something my dad would come up with. Perfect size for little ones and just uses what's on hand :-)
The very enthusiastic employee who helped keep us all on track. Jamie and I were grateful for his help!
Taking his time, being sure no mess is made...
Colors mixed all over, using multiple brushes, paint on hands, and a mom trying to keep paint off of clothes and herself! Haha 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Puggles and Cubbies

Awana has begun at church, and this year Drew is a Puggle and Mac is a Cubbie. I love Awana and the structure it provides for learning and memorizing God's Word. Last Wednesday was the first meeting, and we left church with our first memory work. Mac was to learn a shortened version of 1 John 4:10. Drew was to be able to answer the following questions: " What did God make?" "Light" and "who's the light of the world?" "Jesus"
    When we got home after church I began asking Drew his questions. Here's how it went...Me: "God made the??" Drew: "I hungry." Me: "Who's the light of the world?" Drew: "CeCe's house!" Oh my, I knew we had lots of practicing to do!!
     And shy, doesn't-love-change Mac had a bit of a difficult time at his first Cubbies class. So while I knew he would learn his scripture quickly, I also knew I had to spend some time prepping and encouraging him to have a fun time the next week. We made up a little song to help him memorize "God loved us and sent His Son." 1 John 4:10. 
    By the time this past Wednesday came, we had practiced and practiced and sang and sang and encouraged and encouraged. When I dropped them off at their classes, I knew it was all in their court. And my boys did not disappoint! 
     Mac said his verse loud and proud and felt so good about himself when he was done. He had a great time that night and earned his "real Cubbie book."
     Shockingly, Drew's teachers said he was the only little two year old that knew and remembered his lesson. He was excited to earn a "ticker." I was so proud! Now to start this week's work!

Bad Guys Beware!!

I have two little boys who love to become superheroes!! And they were over the top excited to get these terrific costumes from Aunt Cheryl! Mac said "I knew it! I knew I would get real super powers!" According to them, the costume consists of a cape, mask and super powers (that would be the arm cuffs). They love putting on the gear and running around chasing bad guys. Mac was thrilled that "Superman and Batman could join together. " 
Mac: " Super powers!!"  Drew: "Soup Pow!!"

He was sooo proud to finally have his own superhero costume. He feels so big. 
Chasing those bad guys!