Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Waltzing Waters

Family pic with the "Fountains of Fire"

Waiting for the show to start

Mac got to push the fountain control buttons. He loved it and wanted to do it again and again.

I wanted Drew to have a picture in front of the fountains too...don't want him to look back one day and wonder if he was part of the family fun! haha

This past weekend we went to the Waltzing Waters show here in Branson. Now, this show has some history for me. Waltzing Waters is my grandparent's favorite show, and I went with them about seven years ago on a vacation with them. They even have a music cd from the show. The show used to have a very talented piano player that played wonderfully while fountains and lights were programmed to go along with the music. Not so today...now they just do a thirty minute show with recorded music, still with the fountains and lights. Well, I thought Mac would probably really like the "water show." And I was right!!! Even though the theater is small, out dated and kinda smells like mildew, he LOVED every minute of it! And he really liked the fact that he was able to play with the fountain controls after the show. We really liked the fact that since we are locals we got a local discount and all saw the show for $7.81! Oh, and let me mention the fact that our family of four brought the theater to a grand total of eight. haha Great, cheap, family fun...we finished the day with Olive Garden and Tanger Outlet Mall. Might as well do up Branson while we're here!

And We're Smiling :)

Love, love, love this little grin!

Happy baby

And, of course, I have to post a smile from Mac too

Brotherly Love

Mac was patting Drew when he was crying, telling him "It's ok, Drew" Notice he also has Drew's loochie in his hand which he always tries to shove in his mouth. It really bothers Mac for Drew to not have his loochie at all times :)

Riding in the car...look at Mac's hand. How sweet?!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr. Clean

Taking a bubble bath in "mommy's tub"

He pretty much spends the whole time trying to get the bubbles off of him...yet he loves the bubbles and always requests to have them

"All Keen!" aka All Clean

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Go State!!!!

The Taylor's are ready for some MSU football!
(Sam's ready too, but someone had to take the picture! haha)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life Around The Taylor Trailer

Playing train
Discovering the world around him
Mac supervising the swing action (and pushing all the buttons...poor Drew was swinging full speed ahead with the music blaring!)
Mac watching TV and Drew watching Mac
So proud to be wearing mommy's slippers
"The Boys"

Pepaw's Back in Town!

Pepaw and Cece with Mac and Drew
(neither of the boys were in the "picture" mood at the time. Oh well...)

Feeding ducks at the Branson Landing
Pepaw and Mac had quite a following of ducks by the time we left!
About a week ago my parents came for a visit. My dad was out of the country when Drew was born, so as soon as his feet hit USA soil, he was on his way here. We had a great time with them. I was thankful for the extra hands to help me start to get accustomed to taking both boys out in public. Usually when my dad comes for visits we have lots of projects and to do lists for him to help with (which is what he likes to do.), but this time we didn't have any. Dad was able to spend lots of time playing with Mac and rocking Drew, and they all three loved every minute. I'm never ready for them to leave, but, unfortuantely, they do have their own lives to get back to :) We always look forward to their return trip, and I am anxiously awaiting the end of the month when we will go visit them and my grandparents!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Monticello Family

With the Hewitt's and Bayles' at the scenic look-out in Forsyth

Well, Branson doesn't have a Country Fisherman so we had to settle for Famous Dave's BBQ

Drew with his Monticello "grandparents" haha
(we love you Mr. Mike and Mrs. Rhonda!)

Mac playing with his best buddy

About two weeks ago we had a happy reunion in Branson with our dear friends from Monticello, the Hewitt's and the Bayles'. They came to see Baby Drew and, of course, Mac. We were so excited to have them come visit and to see a piece of home here in Branson. We had a great time catching up on life. We even made time to play games. Its so great to have friends that you can just pick back up with as if no time has lapsed since you last saw them. Even Mac and Mr. Mike picked up right where they left off :) And we always have plenty to laugh about. Their friendship is truly a blessing that we treasure. We sure do miss them but are thankful that our friendship can span across states!

Thank you for coming, dear friends!!!