Sunday, November 13, 2011

All Smiles :)

Everyone in this picture is all smiles, and who wouldn't be when you are at Momo and Papa's house?! Back in September when the boys and I took our road trip to Houston and Mississippi, we spent several days at my grandparent's house. Mac just loves them, and it was the first time they had seen Drew. I thought Momo was going to bust if she had to wait any longer to see Drew :) We had a great time, and both boys were spoiled rotten while we were there! I absolutely adore my grandparents and was so very grateful for the time we got to spend with them.

Anyone See Drew??

Amongst all of the dogs and blankets, Drew is there in his crib. He likes to be snuggled next to something, actually a someone is his preference to a something:), and have his face covered up with his doggy blanky. The boy is attached to the blanky! He has it in his hands almost the entire day. This little boy is the sweetest, most cuddly little thing in the world!

A Playmate!

The other day the boys and I were playing in Drew's room with some "baby toys." I needed to run and blow dry my hair in the other room, so I asked Mac to stay in the room and play with Baby Drew. When I returned, I saw this...
Sweet Mac was apparently trying any and everything to get Drew to play with him. Drew was literally surrounded by every toy in his toy bin! I just couldn't help but giggle at the sweet gesture. I can't wait until Drew is old enough for them to really do some playing together!

As always, Drew was just as content as could be hanging out amongst ALL of his toys :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This Is Just Funny!

This picture just makes me laugh for so many reasons :)

Thanks for the Mr. Potato Head pumpkin decorations, Aunt Cheryl!!!

Pumpkins and Cucumbers...

My Little Pumpkin, Drew, all ready for Kid's Fun Night at Church

Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato are ready for "CANDY!"

Well, let's just say that waking Mac up from a nap to get ready was not a good idea :)
Drew just does not know what to think about all of that!

The Fam at FBC Forsyth

Mac on the "Trick or Treat Street," very clever alternative to trick or treating

On a hayride with the boys

Just hanging out

Showing off his goods. Mac wouldn't let me lighten his load of candy all night. He actually wouldn't even let me hold the bucket. He was so very proud and excited!

Back at home; Drew was worn out and Mac was ready to dig in!

Only at a church fun night would the loot include a Gideon Bible :) Mac now loves to carry the little red Bible around (as he searches through the pages for pictures :))

Enjoying his first pick of candy