Monday, April 16, 2012

Thanks, Springfield!

With the help of Springfield, we turned a rainy, windy Saturday into a day of great, memorable, free fun! I got word that Bob and Larry would be at Lifeway, and I was not going to allow rain, snow, hail, pretty much anything, to keep us away! I knew it would just make Mac's day and that it did! It was not the busy, kids-running-around-everywhere scene that I expected it to be; therefore, we were able to get lots of Bob and Larry's time. Mac was truly enamored. Read on to see about the rest of our day...

This was an exciting day for the whole family...we all feel like vegetables are our best friends these days!

This was as soon as we walked in the door.

He could not be more proud than to stand right in between his best friends. He is their biggest 2 year old fan, I am certain :)

Still just tickled and delighted to be seeing the "real" Bob and Larry

Our next stop was to Mardel, a Christian bookstore owned by the Hobby Lobby company. Well, we went there to pick something up last week, and Mac discovered that they had a Thomas train set. He is obsessed with Thomas these days and played and played that day. So, ever since that day, he has asked us to go to the "train store." And to the train store we went! We sure enough busted right up in Mardel with the sole intention of playing with Thomas. We spent at least an hour in there. It was a great stop for me...I got to leisurely walk around the store and look while Mac and Sam played!

Putting the engines in Tidmouth Shed :)

Our day then led us to a car service stop at Toyota. Keeping the kids occupied in a service dept waiting area is not the easiest task. So we ventured outdoors for a walk in the blustery weather. There was a grocery store next door, so we went in for a stroll. Mac was thrilled that there was a buggy just for him. I had my hands full making sure he wasn't running into all of the random aisle displays.

We had a few other stops in the mix, but it was a great day, especially for Mac! So thank you, Springfield, for allowing us another fun family day!

Mac Loves Swingin'

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Just Because...

Whenever we take a family picture that is halfway decent, it deserves a place on the blog :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

An Easter Picnic

Since family was scattered around the country this year, the Taylor Clan spent Easter as just our little family. While I would probably always opt for my grandmother's ham and mashed potatoes, we had a really, really great time Sunday afternoon, and we made lots and lots of good memories. I decided that given the ages of our kids, a picnic would probably be the most fun Easter lunch for everyone. And I just so happened to be right :) We picked up some McDonald's for lunch, and I had packed a bag filled with balls, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kites and lots of other things to keep us occupied. We went to a local park, spread out our blanket, and had ourselves a big ol time!

Enjoying some nuggets and sunshine

Trying to get his hat off...I had to lather that little head with sunscreen since he wouldn't keep it on. He had plenty of his toys to play with too.

Trying to bite the screw on the stroller :)

An egg hunt!!! We hid and hunted eggs mutiple times that day.

Found a yellow one!

I am getting spoiled here in Missouri because as we sat on our blanket looking out over the park, I realized how I have begun to take this beautiful scenery for granted. It is so pretty and unlike anything we could see in Mississippi!

Well, you know, just having a good time watching Mac play.

With my boys :)

A kite! Though we often feel like we live in the windy city, it was not very windy on this day...go figure! Sam did a great job getting and keeping the kite up though. He actually discovered he has quite a love for kites, and we are looking forward to returning on a very windy day pretty soon.

Looking at his kite or "flag" as Mac called it

Drew was looking for that kite too!

Mac taking a turn trying to keep the kite up

Waiting for some more puff snacks!

He loved swinging and laughed and laughed the whole time.

Big boy Mac's newest favorite hobby is swings. He loves to go high.

We went down by the water for a bit. The water is so clear that we could see fish swimming all over. And look how pretty that little rainbow thing is from the sun!

Mac and Daddy

Again, beautiful scenery around the park

Throwing rocks, and yes that is Drew in the stroller, and a lady sprawled out on the bank, and a man in overalls further down! haha There were lots of people out fishing.

Throwing rocks, and I am quite sure disrupting the fishing of those around us. Oops :)

The Easter Bunny came while we were at church, and the only way we convinced Mac to leave the park was to remind him that the bunny came and left him a surprise.

Drew loved the grass!

And his stacking cups

Mac loved his Peeps! And said many times "Oh, thank you so much Easter Bunny!"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Sweet brothers before church

A quick picture before church starts (sorry Drew, I should've covered up your little belly)

I had such success with Mac and Drew that I will include some of the other shots...and yes, this was success! Getting them both to halfway cooperate at the same time is no easy task :)

Huntin' at Bass Pro

Egg Hunting that is!!!!

The 2nd Annual Taylor Family/Bass Pro Egg Hunt was held yesterday in Branson :)
(I have no clue what Drew is pointing at. He is all about pointing that finger these days, but in Bass Pro he could've been pointing to the light, a deer, a fish, a turkey, who knows!)

So ready for the fun to begin that he can hardly stand it!

Getting geared up for the big hunt...gotta find five eggs

He found one, right there on the aisle with the fishing lure things!

He found lots of eggs...he was having so much fun finding the eggs that he quickly reached his five limit. We couldn't dare stop the fun, so as he found more, Sam secretly put them back on the shelf. We hunted and hunted and hunted! haha

So proud of his finds.
And I am pretty sure I promised a special treat if he smiled real big,
hence the huge "cheese" grin, eyes closed and all :)

Hugging the Easter Bunny. This is after they danced a jig upon first meeting. That bunny was happy!

"Cheese." Finally, he is outgrowing the "I won't smile or look for the picture" phase.

Still having a blast watching everything in Bass Pro.

After our hunt we strolled around the Landing and stayed for the water show at the fountains.

Then we finished up the perfect hunting afternoon with the perfect buffalo burger at Fuddrucker's...yum!!!! Especially with sweet potato fries :)