Saturday, May 22, 2010

Its the Simple Things...

Mac has discovered some new toys in the kitchen, and they have quickly become his new favorites. He has lots of fun things that light up and make noise, but for now he is content to make his own noise and fun with the tupperware containers in the cabinets. He loves sitting on the kitchen floor banging those things all around. Each time he "drags", not crawls, himself to the containers, I am reminded of the many times that I over-complicate my life. I can get so caught up in life and the worries of the world that I forget to sit back and enjoy the simple things God has blessed me with. Too many times I get distracted by all the flashing lights and noises of the world and I miss the quiet, small voice of God...Isn't it funny the things you can learn from your child :)

Fun In The Sun

Today Mac enjoyed his first day in the pool. Thanks to MoMo, Mac's great-grandmother, he had a styling swimsuit and hat and a very fun, though small, pool. The hat and shirt have UV protection which I love. His little skin would just burn up in this 90 degree weather here in Mississippi. And yes, as you could guess, I lathered that baby down with spf 50 sunscreen. I'm not taking any chances. He splashed and splashed and had a big ol time. I can't wait to take him in a "real" pool!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Dedication and Mother's Day

This is such a cute outfit. However, by the end of the service, 5 buttons had popped off!

Me, Sam and Mac before church

All the babies and parents at the Dedication Service.

Mac and Martha Stewart, aka Aunt Lia.

Sam's family

My family

On Mother's Day, May 9th, Sam and I were proud, honored, and blessed to attend our church's Baby Dedication service. Though we have "dedicated" Mac to the Lord even before he was born, it was great to be a part of the special service. We were so fortunate to have so many family members come to Monticello for the occasion. Of course, Jess and Lee had to stay home with the babies, and my dad was unable to make the trip from Houston. But the rest of us had a big time after church celebrating. Even Eldon made it from Dubai! Lia was Martha Stewart for the day and I couldn't have pulled it off without her help. I'm so thankful for her nutrition and cooking classes at MSU! And oh my, I was ever so shocked at my Mother's Day gift. Sam made a sweet DVD with photos of our life with Mac. I wasn't expecting more than a card but got something that will last forever.

As I think about the meaning of a dedication service, I pray the Lord continues to bless our family. I pray the Lord continues to mold and shape us into Godly parents (and that we continue to allow Him :), so that we are able to help mold and shape Mac into a Godly child. The responsibility of parenting is HUGE! The Lord is so loving and generous to entrust us with his precious child. May I daily remember to dedicate and submit all of our lives to His authority, guidance, and will. And I am so blessed to have an amazing legacy of parents and grandparents to follow!

Houston Trip

The week before Mother's Day my mom and Lia decided to make a quick trip to Houston. Mac and I had no urgent plans, so we hitched a ride with them. THANK heavens for portable DVD players and "Praise Baby" DVDs. Mac was sooo good on the 8 hour trip and never tired of watching his we, on the otherhand, could've had a break from the same songs but whatever kept him content! Since my parent's house is all packed up waiting for the perfect couple to come along and buy it, things looked so different. And we made do with the little they had left. My sweet dad went to their storage shed and got out TVs for me and Lia. He's so great! We had a great time shopping, eating, and hanging out. We absolutely wore Mac out. He even fell asleep eating a mum mum; now you know that's tired! This child has never fallen asleep eating. I got some much needed summer clothes for great prices! I am so glad we were able to tag along on the trip.
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Sweet Feet

My mom got Mac these precious flip flops, and I just love to see his little chunky feet in them. He loves them too...but for a different reason! Good thing he still has no teeth!

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