Saturday, December 7, 2013

Things I Love

A few things I love and want to forever remember...

Sweet sounds of the boys playing together in the mornings when Drew wakes up.  Since Drew was an infant and first started sleeping in his crib, Mac goes in to talk and play with him as soon as Drew wakes up.  Mac has recently wised up and figured out how to move a stool over to climb in bed with Drew.  They play and talk and read books and sing.  Love it!!

I always love having a superhero nearby to protect and help me.

Sweet boys being so big getting a haircut...this was the first cut that was not done at the children's salon.  Mac went first to "show Drew how to be a big boy." 

These boys are truly best friends.  Melt my heart!

I sure love our new wireless headphones or "radio phones" as Mac calls them.  CeCe kindly gave them as an early Christmas gift for our drive home from MS at Thanksgiving.  The silence was fabulous!

Amazing Ozark sunsets...this never gets old
After school snacks with these little guys. 

Sweet Shower for Clara

I am incredibly blessed with fabulous friends that hosted a double shower for myself and another great friend.  Our friends Jamie Albritton and Sara Boyer hosted the shower for me and Brooke Kramer.  Brooke is having Baby Nora three days before Baby Clara makes her appearance.  It's been fun having a friend walk this journey with me.  And it was sooo fun to have a pink party!

Delicious cupcakes for Clara and Nora

Me and Brooke...not the best pic of me but it is what it is :-)

Little pink girl sweetness everywhere

It was so fun opening all of the frilly, girly gifts.  We are blessed with a loving church family.
My fabulous friend Brooke even got a gift for me!  I was so pleasantly surprised and now proudly sport my new purse!

Some Early December Fun

We did some marshmallow roasting inside on a frigid night.  The boys loved it, though Mac didn't like his to have "roasty" parts on shock there!

Growing up roasting marshmallows in the fireplace was a common occurence for my family.  Sam thought it was a bit odd, but it makes more than perfect sense to me!  Yummy marshmallows and you don't have to sit in the cold!

That has good smeared all over his face!

Mac liked doing it all by himself.  Only caught one on fire :-)

Charlie the Elf made his return visit, and Mac and Drew were excited.  They both were quick to tell him what is on their Christmas list...#1 for Mac is "Anger Birds Cheggo Pirate Play Set" (something that does exist but not with the name Mac has given it. haha) and #1 for Drew is a "big Nerf gun."  Hope Santa doesn't disappoint this year!

A Few More of the Snow

Throwing huge snow chunks

Good thing I found a pair of snow bibs for Drew the day it started snowing!  Always amazes me that kids have such a high tolerance to stay in the cold.  Or maybe I'm just a wimp in the cold! haha

Snow stuck to their gloves but since it was so powdery and not icy and wet, their gloves stayed dried.  Crazy!

All of the tromp marks in the front yard from playing. 
Good memories made at 112 Stoney Ridge Drive!

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

On Thursday, Winter Storm Cleon (who knew they had names??) made a grand appearance in Missouri.  The forecast had been calling for ice, sleet and snow, but we kinda figured we'd believe it when we saw it.  Well, come Thursday afternoon we believed it!  It started with freezing rain, and by Friday morning we awoke to heavy snow falling and already had 6 inches accumulated on the ground.  The Ozarks are just beautiful in the snow, and both boys were super excited to play outside!

Trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues

I ventured out when the freezing rain first began on a mission to find a sled...the laundry basket that we tried to use last winter just wouldn't cut it this time!  I finally found one at the local hardware store and became a hero for the morning :-)

The snow was incredibly powdery and soft...not exactly great material for snowballs and snowmen but lots of fun to play in.

This would be our driveway and road.  Yes, we were snowed completely in for a couple of days.  We have a fabulous neighbor who plows our drive and road for us once conditions allow.

Just beautiful

Some spots had nearly 7 inches, others almost 10, and it was steady coming down!

Sweet Drew had a bit of a time trying to walk in snow that was past his knees

A few times Mac figured it was just easier and more fun to crawl his way up the hill!

Rosy cheeks and snow-covered gloves

That's one sweet Daddy working hard to pull the boys back up the hill

A little snow beard after taking a tumble on the sled :-)

Hard to believe this is in our front yard!

In the afternoon Sam and Mac went back out to look for animal tracks.  Drew and I stayed in and made cookies and hot chocolate for their return.  I think I much prefer being the mama that stays in making warm snacks while the boys are out playing!

Working hard to make a path

They found some deer tracks

Trying to pick up snow to throw

The snow plow left perfect chunks of snowballs to throw.  Of course Mac pretended they were Angry Birds hitting piggies.

Drew was not afraid to just lay out and enjoy the snow.  He loved eating it!

Poor Sam spent almost an hour hacking at an ice layer in the drive so our van could get traction to get out.  Now's the time when you need a 4WD!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

That's what little girls are made of :-)  Back in September we found out that Baby Taylor #3 is a little GIRL!!!!  To say that I was shocked and excited is an understatement!  I seriously had just decided that Baby 3 would be another sweet little boy, and I was very pleased with the idea...definitely would not even allow myself to think of or hope for a girl.  
Both Sam and Mac felt certain that it would be a baby sister.  In fact, Mac said, "I think it's a baby sister.  I already have a baby brother, and I don't need another one!"  But I still stuck to the fact and odds that we would have another boy.  So on the day of the ultrasound I was very, very shocked and then very, very excited to hear that it was a healthy little girl.
I have done so well to control the temptation to buy everything pink and frilly in sight :-)  And I am so, so glad that we have decided on a name.  This was of utmost importance to me because I did not want a repeat of being in the hospital and still not being able to decide on a name (like what happened with Drew).  And oh, oh, oh how special the name is to me...Baby Girl Taylor will be named Clara Mae!! "Clara" is from my great-grandmother, Vera Clara (my mom's paternal grandmother), and "Mae" is from my maternal grandmother (Momo), Floy Mae. 
This is my Momo Cha-Cha, Vera Clara.  I loved her so very much and cherish the fond memories I have with her.  I loved visiting her, sitting on the front stoop of her Biloxi home just talking and talking, something that she loved to do.  She had beautiful Camelia bushes in her yard and always sent us home with some wrapped up with a paper towel and foil.  Momo Cha-Cha loved to help others and often was caring for someone.  She had a big heart and was a very special lady to me.
This is my Momo, Floy Mae (in the pink) who happens to be sitting next to her Aunt Mae (whom her name is after.)  Oh I could write a book of the many numerous reasons that Momo is so special to me.  Second to my own mom, she is the most important/influential lady in my life.  For years I have referred to her as my BFF and mean it with my whole heart.  She has poured out unconditional love on me from the moment I arrived in this world.  Forever will I treasure all of the memories I have of time spent with her and lessons learned from her.  She is incredibly brave, kind, giving, and a faithful servant of the Lord.  It is an honor for me to pass on her legacy through her name, and I pray that my own Clara Mae will have many of the wonderful qualities found in Momo. 
We cannot wait to welcome little Clara Mae Taylor into this world!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Fest at SDC

About a month ago (yes, I'm behind), the boys and I went to Silver Dollar City for the day with some friends.  I was pretty proud of my pregnant self for loading up the double stroller and both boys on the parking tram all by myself!  That's a mama's will power right there!  It was a warm day but lots of fun.  And I love SDC in the fall.  They have pumpkins, mums, and scarecrows everywhere.  Big shout out to Pastor Juston for meeting us there just to get us in with his pass!

Playing on the wagon with Harper and Abbie

L-O-V-E fall and pumpkins!!

All of the kids enjoyed playing with the giant water ball...and cooling off a bit with some splashing :) 

Going on some rides.  I was totally shocked that Mac willingly and excitedly wanted to ride all of the rides.  That's a big change for him!

These little boys could not wait to ride the train! 
Totally sacked out after that adventure!