Sunday, August 19, 2012

If You Like To Talk To Tomatoes...

 It's time for VeggieTaaaales!  I'm still so giddy just making this post...The VeggieTales Live Tour came to Branson, and we were able to go!!!!  Anyone that knows Mac, knows that VeggieTales are about his number one favorite thing (and has been his favorite for quite some time.)  Because of Mac's love for the Veggies, Drew, too, has developed a very strong affection for them.  I was so excited when I heard the tour was coming to town and was just about beside myself the day of the show because I knew how much they would love it.  

My friends, let me just take a moment to brag on Sam.  That daddy loves his boys.  One day while driving in his car, he heard an announcement on a local radio station that the first caller to email in their information would win tickets to the VeggieTales show.  Sam practically swerved off the road to pull over so he could send his information.  And he was the first!!!!  We won our tickets!!!!!  Yay still have major points for that in my book :)

 We were able to visit with Bob and Larry before the show.  Mac was in awe, seriously like he was seeing his best friends for the first time. 
(It happened to be the Fourth of July, hence our patriotic attire)

Giving high fives

Look at that proud, over-joyed face

He was like this the entire show.  It was so fun to watch him!

Drew also was glued to the show.  He watched it in its entirety, never once getting restless.

Everyone was locked in.  It was truly one of my favorite shows ever.  So well done!

There goes Drew with that finger :)

There was so much to watch around the entire theater, Drew didn't know whether to look up, down, straight ahead, sideways...

What a very fun, super great day!!!!

Old McDonald Had a Farm, E-I-E-I-O!

About two weeks after Drew's actual birthday, we made a trip to Mississippi for Sam's best friend's wedding and Super Summer.  It was pretty perfect timing because we were able to hold off on Drew's "real party" until we were there to celebrate with family.  Since Drew is very into farm animals and attempting to mimic their sounds, I chose a farm theme...I think he was very pleased :)  I was so glad that my grandparents, Aunt Cheryl, Eldon and Uncle Chuck were able to come from the Coast and Houston!  Of course my parents and my sister, Jessica, and her crew were there along with our Monticello family.  We were sad that Lia and Sam's family couldn't make it but know they wished they had been able to join in the barnyard fun.  Unfortunately, my mom took most of the pictures on her camera, which I don't presently have.  So, here's a quick glimpse that made it onto my camera. 

 Table with yummy dipped animal crackers that Parker and Mac helped my mom make

Party table, complete with favor bags in the background.  Just with cousins, we have an instant group of five friends :)

My grandfather's birthday is also in July so we decided to surprise him with a dual celebration.
 82 wonderful, blessed years!!!

Digging into his smash cake...thanks to our little party on his actual birthday, I think he knew just what to do with that cake!
 Loving every single minute.  Anyone that came close to his chair got globbed with icing.  Parker had it between his toes. Haha
 My boy LOVED his cake!  And who thought it was a good idea to make it with red icing?!?

Papa getting in on the cake action

The Boys

Eldon got Drew shoes just like his...and he wears them almost everyday now.  Thanks, Eldon!!!

I love me some Ramsey, thumb-sucking and all

The family princess with her Daddy.  I love that lil mama!

Trying to figure his paddle ball out.  Serious stuff...

We couldn't have a party without our Monticello Family.  I love, love, love the Bayles' and the Hewitt's!  It's just so special to me that they were at Mac's and now Drew's first birthdays.  Thanks friends!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Drew's 1!!!!

On July 1st, we celebrated Drew's first birthday in Forsyth (the "real" party to follow later in MS).  I truly cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by!  Though I try to savor each moment and not rush the time to pass, it inevitably flies by much faster than I am prepared for.  My sweet little baby is no longer very much "baby" and becoming more and more toddler.  Drew remains the happiest, go-with-the-flow, giggliest, snugly sweet boy.  He brings so much joy and laughter to our lives, and it has been so fun watching him and Mac together this year.  They are becoming such fun playmates.  Mac is a sweet, loving big brother, and Drew wants to do everything just like Mac.    

Exploring before we leave for church

Love the excited look on Drew's face

And loving this very serious, get to business look :)

I LOVE these boys (and Drew loves his new birthday cake toy!)

We had a smash cake for Drew that afternoon.  His emotions were all over the map...loved it, hated it, loved it again :)  He at first was very cautious and took only little swipes of icing.  It didn't take him long, however, to figure out that he could cram it in his mouth!  
 Mac really, really liked Drew's new toy...He loved all of the celebrations and very sweetly and politely kept asking when his birthday celebration was going to be :)

 Some of the many faces of Baby Drew


                                      Mac - 10 months                      Drew - 11 months

These chairs must be fun because both boys loved to play in, under and around them (and still do!).  When I saw the pic I took of Drew, I was immediately reminded of the picture I had of Mac.  It is still hard to believe that Mac isn't a baby anymore.  I mean, geez, Drew is hardly still a baby :(  Where does the time go??? 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Sam's birthday was June 30, and Drew's was July 1.  Their birthdays were the first for me to institute "birthday week."  A new tradition we will do every year forever :)  I decorated the house a week before and all during their birthday week, they received little treats and gifts and special food.  It was so fun and makes the special day last longer, which as a child I insisted upon :)  

These were Drew's reactions to the streamers and balloons.  Mac also loved the "celebration."  Anything that is great and fun for Mac is deemed a celebration these days :)

Sam's birthday fell on a Saturday so we started our lazy day with yummy, sweet cake batter pancakes.  A big hit for us all!

The party then moved out to the front yard where, thanks to record heat and drought, we ALL (yes, I said all) got in our little kiddie pool!  Whatcha reckon the neighbors thought about that??? LOL

Our own little splash pad (see that brown, dead, crunchy grass?)

Mac tried to smile for the pic; Drew, not so much :)

Life is good at 33!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

"This is Baby Drew. He's my best brudder in the whole world!"

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A Much Deserved Train Ride

To help Mac stay in his bed at night, we instituted a bedtime reward chart.  For each night that he "goes right to sleep like a big boy with no crying and whining and no getting out of bed" he receives a sticker on the chart the next morning.  The chart has worked like a charm!  I usually let him choose his upcoming prize (something he wants causes him to work hard at going to sleep!), and for a prize this summer he chose to ride the train at The Landing.  Remember that Mac is obsessed with Thomas and ALL things train :)  When his chart was all filled up with eight stickers (amount varies from chart to chart), we headed down to claim his prize.

 Getting ready to ride the train!!!!!

This turned into a family affair (making this prize a bit more expensive than most, especially considering we went at lunch time LOL)

Drew in mid-wave.  He has had no choice but to also like trains :)

Seeing the world

Mr. Conductor


He picked the caboose to ride in.

Sam couldn't say no to a very sweet plea to get a balloon from Ronzo the Clown.  Ronzo boasts being able to make anything you can think of.  What did Mac pick?  You guessed it...Thomas!

"Choo, choo"