Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let It Snow!

Winter showed up again last week with a snow day! This time there was actually several inches of snow and plenty to play in. Mac loves snow and was so thrilled to wake up and see the ground covered in white. He immediately wanted to go outside. Since there was quite a bit of accumulation, most everything was closed, including the church office :) I was so glad Sam was able to stay home and play with Mac. I was also glad that I could go outside for just a bit and then watch happily from the window with Drew, warm and cozy inside! The snow melted pretty quickly the next day, but it was a blast while it lasted.

Trying to scoop up very powdery snow to make a snowman...the early morning snow wasn't cooperating too well for snowmen or snowballs

Mac LOVES Frosty the Snowman and immediately wanted to get to work making him. Due to the snow, Frosty was unable to visit...we did, however, get to see his baby brother :) But that didn't dampen Mac's excitement one bit. He was so glad to be out in his "Thomas" boots, affectionately named because they are blue and red just like Thomas the Tank Engine (and Sam got him ready to go outside and pulled out the hat you see here, which happens to be a hat that goes with a set of pajamas he has! haha Oh well, whatcha gonna do?!)

Staying warm and happy inside.

A late afternoon outing into the snow, which was now perfect for snowballs and snowmen. And "ice cream", which is what Mac is eating.

There's Frosty!!! He came after all...complete with tootsie pop nose, pretzel mouth and cheez it eyes! Although the snow was gone the next day, Frosty was not! He lasted several days, gradually shrinking until all that was left was a heap of twigs and soggy snacks.

Snow steady coming down, as it did all day long.

Well, pretty much everytime it snowed in MS, I took a pic of what the neighborhood looked like. I figured I may as well continue the tradition, trailers and all :) There is just not much as beautiful as a pure white landscape! I don't love being cold, but I sure do love seeing snow.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet, Chunky, Happiness :)

Sitting happy at 7 months

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ready, Aim...


We decided that Mac was now ready to venture into the world of potty training, so on Tuesday the adventure began! I honestly was not real sure about how things were going to go. And to be real honest, I just wasn't real sure what in the world to do, especially since I have zero experience with little boys and how they do their business at the potty :) I got lots of info from my mom and sister, a few helpful tips from Facebook, and then I went to the store to arm myself for the big day. I am so thankful that Thomas the Train is in the underwear business. When I was telling Mac we were going to buy him some underwear, he was insistent that we get Thomas. Lucky day, they had them...for a nice little price that is :) I quickly learned that you pay a pretty penny more for characters to be on your hiney! I also picked up some M&M's for rewards, which works very well with Mac. He is so thrilled to try to potty for an M&M :)

Day one we had five accidents, and I was a cleaning machine! Day two, one and days three and four, zero!!!! Yay Mac!! And yay Mommy!!!! It is hard work for all involved. And very time-consuming. Speaking of time, I have a ticking timer sound stuck in my head long after Mac goes off to bed :) All in all, I am very proud of our Big Boy Mac and glad we have had a positive experience!!!! (I'm hoping we have the potty skill perfected by the time we head to Disney at the first of March.)

A Trip to the Jackson Zoo

(Kids from L to R: Parker, Drew, Ramsey, Ellie and Mac)
While we were in MS, we decided to take advantage of a sunny day and go to the zoo. Now, we know, its not the best zoo ever, in fact, its really not all that great. But, they have animals and a carousel, and the kids think it's great! Once we were there, we realized we were as much of a zoo as the animals were :) It really was perfect weather, and we all had a blast. The kids played musical strollers, we were scolded for bringing in "outside food," and we all perfected our monkey sounds. What a productive day! haha

Looking at the tiger from a distance while Parker prepares for a stare down...

And, the stare down. I don't know if the tiger really liked or really disliked Parker, but he stayed pretty close to him. Parker roared and made faces while we were nervously checking that the tiger was securely fenced in his area!

Ramsey was so good sitting contently in the stroller all day. Little diva, Ellie, on the other hand thought she needed to be held all day. And my mom must have agreed...she toted that little thing all afternoon :)

Mac and Parker looking through the little bubble things. Sad day, no animals at that exhibit anymore :( Oh well, it was fun just looking for some!

"Lil Mama" getting carried around, and Mac following close by. Once he overcame his fear of the animals and realized they could not escape their cages, he wanted to walk too.

Looking at the monkeys

Everyone was having stroller issues. Even Drew decided he didn't want to stay in his spot, so I toted him for as long as my back could stand it. He is heavy!

Ramsey and Jess on the carousel.
We all had to ride just so every child had a set of hands on them.

Parker on the tiger...he's still making his scary tiger faces like he did at the tiger exhibit. Haha

It took some convincing, ok maybe some forcing, but Mac quickly learned that he loved the carousel. And Drew was happy to just be along for the ride.

My, my, CeCe had to actually ride the frog because Ellie did not want to be put down on it. That little girl is something else!

Just for fun, here is a picture of the kids (Mac, Parker, Ramsey, and Ellie) at the zoo when Jess and I took them in October 2010. What a difference!!! (And, yes, those are the exact same strollers that we took to the zoo on this trip, minus one carrier of course!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

The boys and I returned this past weekend from a great two-week stay in the Magnolia State. My mom had come to Branson to watch the boys for Sam and I to celebrate our anniversary. We went to a great resort here in Branson and had lots of fun and sleep :) (Thanks a million, Mom, for letting us "getaway!") So the day before she was to return to Mississippi, we decided to pile up in the car with her and go for a visit. And I am so glad we did because we had a great time!! Time always passes much too quickly when we go "home," but we were able to go see my grandparents on the coast for a few days and the boys spent the weekend with Sam's parents. We stayed with my parents in Jackson and got together to play with Jess and her crew as much as possible...and when the sick germs weren't visiting them :) When our stay was up, Sam drove over to pick us up and bring us back to Missouri. We are missing being there!!!

How do you resist a face this stinkin cute!? Please excuse the discoloration on his cheeks, must be some of his lunch :) While we were in MS, Drew decided he wasn't really interested in bottles anymore, just wanted baby food and cereal...and lots of it!!

We had a great time with Momo, Papa, and Eldon (and Uncle Chuck, who was also there for a visit but gone before we took a pic) Just an FYI, the title of this post is dedicated to Momo :) She used to say that line to us everytime we arrived home when I was a kid. Until I had kids to read nursery rhymes to, I never realized that line comes from a kids poem! "To market, to market, to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again, jiggety jig!" So, to everyone that has heard me repeat that little ditty when arriving home and thought I was crazy, now you know I'm not! haha

Eldon kept a very ticklish Drew laughing :)

Having fun jumping at CeCe and PePaw's house.

Mac's favorite thing to do outside with PePaw...throw crab apples

Big throw! Mac is also in heaven in their yard with all of the leaves and the rocks in the gravel drive. My boy loves some leaves and throwing rocks.

Hanging out in the stroller while Mac throws stuff

Living large at Aunt Jessica's house

Catching some zzz's in the car
(We went to the zoo one day, but it will follow in another post)