Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Mac's valentine craft that we mailed to our family. Getting just his little thumbprint was a bit tricky, but we persevered and found success. And now we proudly have one on display on our fridge too. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yogurt, anyone?

One of Mac's favorite toys has now become a new fashion statement. Just the right size for his little round head!

Where's My Daddy???

We had a Valentine's Banquet tonight at church, and Sam played host for a "Newlywed vs. Trulywed" game that we played. In order to act the part, Sam slicked his hair back with gel, which if you know Sam, you know that is way out of the ordinary for him. He despises "goo" (as he calls it) in his hair! Anyway, so when I brought Mac in from the nursery afterward, he just stared at Sam dumbfounded. The look was a cross between "do I know you" and "that looks terrible." We cracked up! And he continued the stare down until Sam brushed his hair back into somewhat of his normal look.


Still staring...

Sam the game show host.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Church Nursery

We are blessed at Monticello Baptist Church to have the absolute best nursery workers! Mac loves going to the nursery and has been loved, cared for, and rocked by these wonderful ladies for over a year now. Since Sam is the Student Minister at church, Mac is in the nursery rain or shine. Many a times he has been the only little guy in the nursery and is just as content to play with the ladies alone as with a room full of babies. He has gained the nickname "the church baby," and everyone treats him as their own. The nursery is definitely his second home.
As of late, I love to pick Mac up from the nursery. When I walk in to get him, he is already busy at work cleaning up all the toys. He is not content to leave until every last toy is put in the bins. When the last toy hits the bin (he actually throws them in basketball style), he immediately starts waving and telling everyone "bye-bye." I encourage him to give the ladies a hug, and he toddles over to each one with outstretched arms. As his mother, it makes me very proud to have a clean, loving little man :)

Mac and Ms. Helen
Mac and Ms. Becky
Giving hugs
Last hug so we can go home...
Ms. Becky and Ms. Helen's sisters, Ms. Fannie and Ms. Ollie, also help in the nursery. They weren't there for the picture, but we love them all!!!


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