Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mac is Back

Last week was pretty eventful for us and pitiful for Mac. For a few days Mac began to lose his appetite and by the weekend he wasn't really eating or drinking anything. He had a low grade temp one day, so I figured he was teething...finally.
Well, on Sunday morning he was pitifully sick. He looked sick and everything he tried to take in came right back up. He was seeming pretty dehydrated to me so we headed to the ER (since it was Sunday). Once there, he, of course, sucked down some Pedialyte and kept it down. The doc discovered he had an ear infection. Gave him an antibiotic shot and sent us home.
The next day, he was no better and was still vomiting. Therefore, I called his pediatrician's office, and we went in for a visit. The doctor was concerned with his dehydration and admitted him to Blair Batson Children's Hospital for IV fluids and IV antibiotics. We also discovered he had a stomach virus on top of the ear infection. The ear infection made him lose his appetite and the virus ended up causing him to be dehydrated.
Sam was unable to join us because it happened to be Youth Revival Week. A huge thanks to my mom and sister for bringing me meals, clothes, pillows, toothbrush, Mickey Mouse and everything else we needed!!! I would've been in a bind without their help.
He was so, so pitiful and sick. He just laid around and slept all the time. It was so sad to see him like smiles or laughs. After two days and one night, we were released to go home and told it would be several days until he "was back to normal."
Well, by Friday the old Mac returned! I am so thrilled that he's recovered from both illnesses and his hearty appetite has definitely returned. What an event to happen the week before his first birthday!

Waiting to see the doc at Baptist ER.
Poor, sick eyes

Catching some z's in the ER (he always sleeps with his face covered)

Laying out in the hospital crib...which made for a long night since we both slept in it :)

Sleeping in the he did all day

Looking a little perked up and ready to go home.

1st Fat Lip

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A few days ago Mac fell while carrying his sippee cup. The result...his first busted lip. He really liked having the cold ice put on it. The swelling was down by the next day, and he was good as new. I'm sure many more will follow.

And He's Off!!

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Mac has been able to take steps for quite some time now. He could toddle a few steps here and there when he felt like it, but he much preferred to continue crawling. I guess he figured it was much faster and less painful than falling down all the time. But about 3 weeks ago, he came home from Ms. Kaci's house and decided he wanted to walk. From that day on, he's walked everywhere. The crawling days are over. And Sam likes to say he's got to be the only baby in America to start walking before he has any teeth :) By the way, keep in mind that in the pictures, he thinks he's making his "smile" face. haha

Like Father, Like Son

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What? Did you say JOB???

My, my. It seems like so much has occurred since my previous posts. My grandfather and sister, Jessica, are both on the mends from a surgery and mystery illness. I had the pleasure of staying with my grandfather for a week as he began his recovery from his heart surgery. And praise the Lord, doctors finally diagnosed Jess, and she is slowing getting back to her old self.

Life has been pretty busy, as usual. BUT, even a tad busier because I started my new job last week! That's right world, Alyssa Taylor has a job, and she has even worked it for more than one day :) I am working a part-time, seasonal job giving flu shots at Wal-Mart. So, not only do I have a job but its nursing, of all things. And I really enjoy it. Giving shots never bothered me, and our clinic is situated right in the main aisle near the registers. We get to people-watch most of the day, and let me tell you, there are plenty of interesting people to watch in Brookhaven, MS.

Mac stays with Ms. Kaci, a friend in the subdivision, and he already loves being at her house. That makes it so much easier to leave him. And Sam is a huge help getting Mac ready in the mornings and helping once we both get home in the evening. Let me just say this, I do not know how full-time working mothers do it. Hats off to you, ladies! Its hard to juggle housework, cooking, baby, husband and yourself when you have a job. But luckily, its very manageable with a little part-time job.

So, I'm proud to say that I really enjoy my job. However, I'm still very thankful for God's goodness and provision so that I can just have a "little part-time job" and not have to really work. (I do plenty of work at home!!!)

The Lord Is My Walker

Throughout Mac's process of learning to walk, he enjoyed cruising in his walker. Sometimes he'd walk, sometimes he'd run, and other times he'd just sit. It didn't take him long to figure out that when he grew tired from practicing his new skill, he only had to sit back and relax. There was a nice seat built in for him to take a break.

After observing him a few times, it occurred to me that the Lord is much like a walker. (You can tell my brain is always in baby mode!) You see, we venture out on a journey and before we know it, we're tired. Or maybe we've lost strength or direction. Maybe we're just overwhelmed with life. But Christ tells us all we have to do is sit back and relax. He is our strength. He is the seat in life that will hold us up when we are worn down. He takes our burdens and weights of this world and invites us to just sit back and enjoy the ride. In Matthew 11:28 Christ says, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Go RPMS Vikings!!!

Yelling for the Vikings. Ok, not really, just making his crazy smile face.

Mac really enjoyed the cheerleaders jumping around and yelling.
Ready to cheer on the team at the game.
(This was Mac's 1st pep rally and football game, with many more to follow!)

God Made Dirt...And Dirt Don't Hurt!

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Playing With Parker

We recently had the pleasure of having Parker stay with us for a few days. That kid is hilarious and so much like his mom. He loves to play with Mac, and they spent each waking moment together. We made "freshrooms" and "choc chocs" in the play room, went for a leisurely stroll, and even made time for a special concert. Mac didn't let Parker out of his sight. I'm pretty sure that got on Parker's nerves a time or two. haha Good sibling and friend practice for both of them. Come back soon, Parker!!!

Parker playing his air guitar with Uncle Sam at Praise Team practice.

Playing together in the play room.

Racing in their "cars." See, Mac used to get plowed down by Parker,

but look out...Mac has his own vehicle this time!

Going for a morning stroll; diaper, pajamas and all.

Watching Sprout, the best channel ever!!
**Disclaimer: My child and nephew do not ordinarily spend all day in diapers and PJs...I just happened to take all the pictures about the same time. :)