Saturday, September 3, 2011

Growing Like Weeds!

Drew at 8 weeks

Drew and Mac before church

I cannot believe how quickly the past 2 months have flown by!!! Drew is already 2 months old! Where does the time go??? He is such a good, sweet baby. I mean, really sweet :) He is so content all of the time which is fabulous so that I have plenty of time for Mac too. He likes to be held and cuddled, and he smiles and coos at us. He loves Mac, and I can honestly say the feeling is mutual. The only time Mac has had a negative reaction to Drew is when I asked Mac if Drew could borrow his blanky. I got an immediate "no" and Mac snatched up the blanket and ran off. Oh well, other than his loochie, it is his most prized possession. (By the way, later that day I convinced Mac to share the blanky, and this time he did) Drew sleeps 7 to 8 hours at night and naps a lot during the day. And since birth he has eaten every four hours. I know all babies are perfect, but he is extra special! Oh how I love to kiss those little cheeks!

Now, to my Mac. I don't usually like to brag on Mac, but I'm going to have a mama moment and do it anyway :) He is 23 months and has become a jabberjaws! Even just in the past two weeks, his vocabulary has grown tremendously and can speak in short sentences. He has us laughing all of the time. Here are some things my big boy can do (now, I find this may not; in fact, it may not be impressive at all, but I'm going to share it anyway! haha): he can count to fourteen, knows his colors and shapes, can say a "toddler" version of the ABC's, has a large library of songs he can sing (and I mean large! The boy LOVES music), and does motions to several songs. Along with his love for books and music, he loves to tackle with Sam and throw the football. So funny to watch! I cannot believe my Baby Mac is about to be two years old!!!