Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cousins, Cousins, Everywhere!

We had a blast with my sister's kids while we were in Mississippi!  All five kiddos are pretty close in age, so there is never a dull, or quiet, moment! haha  We miss them so much and hope that one day the Lord will allow us to live near each other...until then, we will keep soaking up every second of there time while we are visiting :)  It is just so darn convenient and great to have a sister as your best friend and all of your combined kids be best friends with each other too!  I love the Hill Clan!!!!  Thanks for sharing your swings, enduring toddler fights, playing for hours, and showing us much love!
This is what it looks like when you take all the kiddos to Sam's :)

Sharing a coveted blue Icee
An almost daily ritual of having an ice cream cone at CeCe and PePaw's house.  Jessica's kids shed their shirts (for 2 reasons, 1. they make a bit of a mess at times 2. they are country at heart, especially that Parker and the younger two copy his every move).  Mac, on the other hand, asks for a napkin each time a drip gets on his finger...no need to go topless for him :) 
I sure wish I knew what caused all heads to turn to Mac!
Helping put in a brick walkway at PePaw's
Mac and Parker watching a movie in CeCe and PePaw's new and improved playroom
Sweet Cousins
Parker was so pleased to show Mac how to make a smore!  It was Mac's first ever roasting experience.  CeCe worked VERY hard to get that fire going, since rain soaked the logs earlier in the day. 
Love this!
Roasting away
Thanks CeCe!  We loved our smores!
CeCe and Parker making cupcakes for his end of the year school swim party.  My boy was excited to have a pool party with his friends!
Aren't these the cutest things ever?!
While Parker was partying at the pool, we had a great time playing at CeCe's. 
They were soooo ready to try a cupcake!

Mac's bite...
Ramsey's bite...
And Ellie's bite...all loved them!
Singing "Its Raining, Its Pouring" with the cupcake umbrella :)
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Times, Great Folks!

Over our time in Mississippi, we had the chance to catch up with lots of family and friends.  I always love seeing everyone and always run out of time to do so!  I was so thrilled to join my Monticello Bunco Crew for some great food, fun, and chats.  Oh, and bunco, of course :)  But unfortunately, I didn't take a picture with them.  My dear friends, Candace and Julie, also journeyed to Jackson to spend the afternoon with me, and, again, we were so into our conversation and catching up that it never crossed my mind to snap a pic.  Sure makes my heart happy to be surrounded by people that know me-in and out, quirks and all-and that love me and my family!  

 Spending an afternoon with Sam's family before Olivia's baby shower.
 We are soooo thrilled that Mark and Olivia are expecting Baby Girl Rowe in July!!!  And I was so excited that I was in MS for the shower.  Can't wait to have a sweet little girl to join our mix of boys!  Family gatherings are about to be even more fun!!!
 Ahhhh, man do I love me some Momo and Papa!  And Eldon, of course :)  They came up for Ellie and Ramsey's big birthday celebration (which I will post on later).  Momo has always been a grandkid magnet, and great-grandchildren are no exception!  Love hearing the cackles that come out of Drew when Momo is around :)
Mac's Best Buddy, Mr. Mike Bayles.  While the rest of us were catching up on life at C-Paw's, Mac and Mr. Mike were having a blast with trains.  Love that huge smile on Mac's face :)
 Those are some serious faces right there. 
I mean, its a serious task to see how much Splenda and Sweet-n-Low will fit into a freight car!
Our Monticello Family, the Hewitt's and the Bayles'.  Always a great time with these folks!

Couldn't resist a great pic with CeCe and PePaw...we had a great time staying with them! 

We spent LOTS of time with my sis and her kiddos, but we have so many cute pics that they will get their own post :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Drew's Special Day

Last Sunday was "Drew's Special Day"...Baby Dedication.  I tried to prep Mac for the process of being in church and explained it was a big day for Drew and that we would go in church to say a special prayer for him.  After my explanation, when asked, Mac would state "its Drew's special day" and then bow his head :)  Even though Drew is nearing his first birthday, it is still a neat service to make our decision and commitment to doing our very best to rear Drew in the Lord's love and knowledge public.

Now, with that said, it is a baby dedication service with multiple families and babies, so you can imagine how preoccupied all the parents are with keeping children as content and quiet as possible.  Since it also fell on Mother's Day, I was especially proud to be with my two sweet little boys.  My heart overflows for Baby Drew...he is the sweetest, chubbiest ray of sunshine in my life.  Wow, as I sit here thinking of Drew, my heart bursting with love and joy, I again realize how amazing and strong a mother's love is for ALL of her children!        
Yes, we did turn to pose for my friend Amy as we stood in front of the church :)
Trying really hard to pay attention and listen for our cue to say "we do."  Quite a challenge since Drew was being a wiggle worm.

Our best family pic, even though Mac's eyes are closed.

OK, this is just funny...we were both trying to give camera instructions at the same time, making the same face.
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Friday, May 18, 2012

PePaw's Shadow

While we were in Mississippi, Mac and my dad developed a very strong bond, and Mac quickly became my dad's shadow.  Anywhere my dad went, Mac was no more than two steps behind.  If my dad was on a conference call in his office, Mac would be right at his feet eating "PePaw's cheese crackers"; if dad was working in the garage or outside, Mac was right there joining in the work; and if dad was making one of his frequent trips to "the tool store" (aka Lowe's), Mac was strapped in the truck ready to go!  Since I spent most of my childhood following close on my dad's heels, it was so neat to see him take the same patience and love with my own child and form a special relationship over tools, sawdust and cheetos :) 

Cleaning up the leaves

Piling up the leaves while Mac explores the other yard tools

This was the cutest thing, cutting grass together.  My dad reminded me time and again that with a little extra patience and time, Mac can join in and help with almost any activity.

I am sure that mower has never gone so slow!

 Starting their first building project, a birdhouse. 
Love that look on Mac's face as he is studying my dad.

 Learning how to measure

Pretty much no tool was off limits.  PePaw found a way to make it all safe for Mac.

One proud little boy

Loved some drills!

I know for a fact that is the exact little hammer my hands used to pound on things as a child :)

Practicing with his hammer

Ta-dah! All done

Hanging with a nice coat of paint, waiting for a bird "to fly in the hole, sit on the stick, and say to Mac 'thank you for my house'" (as told by Mac)

 After realizing Mac's obsession for trains and seeing one he has from the Target dollar section, my dad quickly decided a train would be an easy, fun project.  Truly creative stuff right here, that they literally made in an afternoon.  Mac was soooooo proud that he made his very own Thomas.

Putting on the first coat of paint with CeCe.

 Painting away

 All done (thanks to some late night painting by my mom!).  I was quite impressed! (though not a bit surprised)

Playing with the train in the playroom.  He had all sorts of things shoved in the freight cars.

Thanks, PePaw, for making Mac's time fun, memorable,and oh so special!!!