Sunday, March 22, 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sunday lunch with my favs: 
"Samuel McAllister Taylors" aka McAlister's Deli
Sweet tea
And my favorite guys 😊

*Clara was indeed there with us...she just wasn't in the mood for a pic. 😏

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

I'm just beyond thrilled that Clara has a true love for baby dolls! I have a whole attic filled with my childhood dolls, some of my most treasured possessions, that I now have someone to pass them on to! Anything "baby" and she's in love ❤️ Her doll collection keeps growing, especially when CeCe is around while shopping! 😉

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Mac had his very first Tball practice the other day, and he was soooo excited! CeCe and PePaw gave him all the needed Tball gear at Christmas, and he has been practicing when it's warm enough outside to get ready. And the day finally came! We are so grateful to have a great coach that goes to church with us and one of his best buddies on the team with him. First practice was a success! 

*We got lucky and have a parent of one of the players who is apparently a photographer. Yay!

She's On The Move!!!

Last week, while Sam was on a spring break mission trip to Guatemala, Clara finally turned her occasional steps into full blown walking!! We were at Momo's house, and when it clicked, it clicked 😊 She's doing very well getting around...but if she wants to get somewhere quickly, it's back to the crawl! The boys are so proud of her new skill and tell most people we see, including strangers, that we have a walker. Look out world, here she comes!!

A little post-walk selfie session...she just wanted to get back to walking!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Into Everything...

This little girl is all over these days and into anything she's able to get her hands on!

Swingin' Time

Despite the absolutely crazy weather as of late with snow, ice and freezing temps, there were actually a few days nice enough to enjoy outside play time. Makes us ready for spring!

Life Lately

First ponytail! Her hair is getting so long! 
Singing with Daddy as he practices some tunes for his Spring Break mission trip to Guatemala
They have SO much fun together! And Clara thinks everything her brothers do is hilarious. When she gets close to them, she starts jumping around, squealing and smiling so huge. ❤️
Mardi Gras Mambo 
Birthday fun for Jess
The boys LOVE working with Sam on the flip house across the street. I adore the quality time that it allows "the boys."
My girl...

Cousin Love

Seriously, could these kids be any cuter?? I love that they love each other 😊 And I also love kids eat free on Sunday at McAlisters in Jackson!

Happy Day...and 81 Years

We are finishing up a fun trip to the Coast to celebrate Momo's 81st birthday! She's still just as beautiful, caring and full of love as my first memories of her are! She's in the process of building a new house, so we spent the day shopping for house things and eating out...good times!
We ate at Olive Garden and all, including my kids, thoroughly enjoyed it! Complete with celebratory chocolate mousse 😊 Then we did our best to take a "good" selfie...not sure we mastered that yet!

I mean, whose 81 year old grandma looks this good?? Mine does!!!

Blessed that beauty runs in our genes 😉
"Take our picture mom!" 
These kids were so good to endure a long day out (like 11hours!)
So tired, but hanging in there. I guess the stretching poses help...

Was candy involved in getting these two to smile at the same time? You betcha!!