Monday, January 31, 2011

Mac's 1st Haircut

Well, I put it off long enough, and Mac finally had his first, overdue haircut. He was sporting quite the baby mullet. I just hated to part with his little bit of curl in the back. I mean, bless his heart, that's about all the hair he really had. But, the time had finally come. So this past weekend while Mac and I were visiting my grandparents, we let CeCe get the scissors after it. It does look much better, and my sweet Baby Mac is becoming less and less "baby" and more and more "big boy."

Before view from the back

Before from the side

CeCe hard at work with Momo's sewing scissors :)

Thank goodness for my grandmother!! She kept Mac entertained the whole time. He hardly realized that he was having his hair cut.

This is after...kinda hard to tell, but what's not hard to tell is that the mullet is gone! He wasn't cooperating for a profile pic.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cousins Make The Best Friends

Mac absolutely adores Parker. Its the sweetest thing when they get together to play. Mac wants to do everything Parker does, and Parker thinks Mac can! It makes for fun (and semi-dangerous) times. haha It'll be so fun when Ramsey and Ellie are big enough to run around with them too. Although, something tells me Miss Ellie may have all the boys doing just exactly as she says!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today (Jan 20th) Sam and I are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary! My, my how quickly time passes us by. At times I feel like I have known and been with Sam all my life; other times, I feel like the four years have been a blink and we're just starting out on our journey together. As I reflect on our years of wedded bliss, I am filled with inexplicable love, respect, and care for the man in my life. We have surely had our times in the valley, but isn't God's grace and mercy amazing...its usually in those times that we are brought closer together and, most importantly, closer to Him. I am blessed beyond words to be married to a man of such integrity who chases after the Lord with all he's got. If the first four years have been this good, I can't wait to see what the next forty plus hold!!!!

While I must admit there is a big part of me that wishes we had the financial resources to take an amazing anniversary trip each year, that just isn't the case :) So starting back in year one we decided to follow the "traditional" list of anniversary gifts and buy something together that we needed. Here's a run down of our gifts thus far:
1st year - paper...we purchased a much needed printer (which uses lots and lots of paper!)
2nd year - cotton...we bought a new comforter for our bedroom, definitely quality cotton fabric!
3rd year - leather...well, that year we had good intentions. My Bible, which Sam gave me on our wedding day, started to fall apart. Sam thought I should get a new one. We went and shopped around, but when it came time to purchase (and a mandatory trade of my old one since it was defective), I just couldn't part with it. So the intention was there, but we didn't actually get it. And, yes, I'm still using the one that part of Acts is falling out of :)
4th year - This year is fruit and flowers. Not quite sure how creative we'll get on this one. But we'll find out soon enough. We do a little "date night shopping" on our anniversary for the gift. I'll try to remember to post the goods later.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Monkey

About two months ago we decided Mac needed to limit his pacifier use. He loves his "loochie," and we knew it was time to start weaning him off of it, especially since I want it long gone by the time Baby Taylor 2 arrives. So, we let him have his loochie only during naps and nighttime. Not an issue for him at all.

Well, the other day he was rummaging around in his toy box and came out of the room with his monkey hanging from his mouth. Apparently he was feeling loochie-deprived and decided to try out the one attached to the monkey's hand! It was hilarious...and he just acted like it was no big deal. Silly little monkey!

Monday, January 10, 2011

If you can't find Mac...

Go find him in his room. This boy loves books...and his room. When the front of the house gets quiet and Mac is nowhere to be found, I always know he'll be in his room. He pulls loads of books off the shelf and gets to reading. He also usually turns on his night light turtle (on the stool) and has his cd playing to his favorite tune, "Father Abraham." Its so sweet to see him quietly playing and reading all by himself.

I Love These Guys!

Headed to church Sunday morning.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh, Brother...

In November Sam and I discovered that we will be welcoming Baby Taylor #2 into the world!!! We are so excited and couldn't be more amazed and thankful at the Lord's perfect timing. Mac does not yet have any idea how much his little world will change come July. But I already know he will be a super sweet big brother to his baby brother or sister.

The Tradition Continues

For at least the past fifteen years, my family has worn matching Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. We get all dressed and then have a blast taking pictures and usually run around like crazy trying to beat the self-timer on the camera. It always makes for great laughs and memories.

This year we had to wear our pjs on Christmas night. And with lots of tired, little ones to work around it was pretty interesting. But we persevered and captured some good shots after all. My extended family has been "drafted" into the tradition over the years as well. Like it or not, if you're with the Singleton family on pajama night, you HAVE to wear the pajamas :)

The Taylor Branch
My grandparents with their granddaughters and great-grandchildren

CeCe and PePaw with the younguns
Lia, Me and Jess.
We have worn quite the variety and styles of pjs over the years!