Monday, November 22, 2010

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Taylor household got Christmas started early this year. Yes, that's right, we're already decorated for Christmas, inside and out...and have been for a week! Now, before you go thinking we're crazy, we had some good reasons to break out the holly early this year. For starters, my mom was staying for a few days and getting all the decorating done is always easier and more fun with help. Also, considering the four days we'll be gone for Thanksgiving and the upcoming week to Disney, I wanted them up long enough to enjoy them :) And I'm so glad to have it all done, and now we can just sit back and enjoy the holiday season!

I was a little nervous of how Mac would do with the tree, especially considering how much he loves balls and that we have lots of ball ornaments on the tree. (He was only 3 months last year and obviously didn't bother it.) He had so much fun playing amongst all the boxes and decorations as we put them up. He even helped put a few on the tree. However, afterward, we told him not to touch the tree and said "no, no." Well, would you believe he doesn't even walk up to the tree! He oohs and aahs at it, but never once has he tried to touch or go near it. I'm so thankful (and lucky to have such a compliant child!)

So, now that the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care, its time to enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!!!

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Over the River and Through the Woods...

Getting ready to go to the Veteran's Day dinner

Mac playing with his favorite thing...leaves.

He LOVES leaves!

Riding the appropriate that it was at Keesler Air Force Base!

To Momo's house we went!!! The week before last Mac and I had a great time being loved on and spoiled at Momo and Papa's house. Sam was going to be out of town for a few days, so I decided to pack up and head to the coast.

We had the privilege of celebrating Veteran's Day with our very own veteran. The celebration began on Wednesday evening at a Veteran's dinner at their church. It was very nice and had delicious food :) On Thursday, we went to Chili's where Papa took advantage of a free meal. Then Momo, Mac, and I shopped and took advantage of Veteran's Day sales!

We spent the entire week down there and had a blast. Momo and Papa had fun playing with Mac, and Mac loves to imitate Momo. Its really quite funny. We are already anticipating our return for Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vacation At Last!!

Last week Sam, Mac and I visited Sam's sister and brother-in -law, Olivia and Mark, in Greenville, South Carolina. They were wonderful, generous hosts, and we had a great week. This was our first "real vacation" with Mac, and it was a success! I've overloaded this post with pictures, I know...But I had tons to choose from. I'll just give details in the captions to spare you from complete boredom :)

Enjoying the beautiful scenery at the local park.

Playing with Aunt Olivia's headband.

Sam's grandmother, Memaw Taylor, and Aunt Shirlyn came from Atlanta to see Mac for the first time. They showered him with hugs and fun toys. We had an enjoyable afternoon and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Olivia and Mark have two large dogs, which Mac LOVED!!

Mac is really into leaves. He likes throwing them, stepping on them, crunching them, and looking at them. This is at the zoo where he pretty much just wanted to play with leaves all day. Go figure. haha

Boo at the Zoo. Between the leaves and the Halloween decorations, we pretty much had to force Mac to look at the animals. He loved all the pumpkins.

Playing on the playground

Aunt Olivia teaching Mac proper etiquette and table manners :)

Mac's favorite exhibit at The Georgia Aquarium, the penguins

Playing with penguins


The Georgia Aquarium is hands down the best aquarium we've ever been too. Here is one of the massive tanks. Notice tiny little Mac in the bottom right corner.

Taking a family pic with Deepo the Fish.

Headed home...Mac was a trooper!

My Lil Pumpkin

This year for Trunk Or Treat Mac dressed as a pumpkin (which just so happens to be what Parker was 2 years ago, haha). There could not have been a more perfect costume for Mac. He has really taken to pumpkins this fall season and likes seeing and playing with them. When we tried on his outfit, I brought him to a mirror. All of a sudden, he broke out in a huge grin and squealed "Oohh, Aahh!" No kidding; he loved it. Needless to say, it was no problem getting him to wear it all night.

Trying on his costume and falling in love with it.

Running free at Trunk Or Treat.

Playing games...of course he went straight to a ball.

Family Pic :)

Mac's play group friends Ella and Adam.

If you look close in the left corner, you see our trunk. Now look at the rest of the picture...We just had to end up parked next to the Ringling Bros Circus!!! Yes, we felt inferior. Haha
Here's our little trunk. It looked great in my mind...not so great in real life. Oh well, at least our lights shone!