Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Rarity

Sam and I have very few pictures together with just the two of us. With three kids, we seem to always have our hands occupied or trying to take a family picture. However, we managed to take several in about a matter of one week...
Feeling the love at Fairview's Valentine Banquet

Livin' in the 80's. Had a great night celebrating at a friend's surprise birthday party...80's gear, party buses, the works! 

Mardi Gras Mambo, right here!

These two...

Sleeping Beauty

This sweet thing often falls asleep on afternoons that we have to pick the boys up from school. I love a sleeping baby. 

And sometimes, even a sleeping beauty wakes up with crazy hair! Haha

A face of someone not thrilled to see a camera first thing in the morning...she needs her sleep and slow wake up time! She LOVES sleeping with all her babies. 

Mississippi Snow Day!!!

Honestly, I'm still very surprised...snow was in our forecast, school was cancelled and the wait began. And because snow is so unusual in Mississippi, the skeptic in me immediately set in. I didn't even tell the boys of the chance because I didn't want them to be disappointed. We woke up this morning to rain, lots of rain. Then after lunch the rain became a bit icy. And to our surprise and amazement, the ice actually turned to snow!! And even when it first started, I just assumed it'd be a dust or 1 inch or so. But the snow kept falling, and we now have a beautiful landscape of fluffy snow! The boys had a blast playing!!
"I haven't seen this much snow since we lived in Missouri!"

"Mom, its been like forever since I caught a snowflake on my tongue!" -Mac

Gathering up snowballs to throw at Daddy


Sweet baby wanted to be outside with her brothers

There's just not many things prettier than snow-covered landscapes

 Like father, like son

Clara and I did venture out for a few minutes, and she loved chomping on the snow. I was very surprised because she is not a fan of cold food and drinks.

After a few short hours, everything was totally covered. And it kept snowing even after I took the pictures. 

These sweet, red cheeks were ready to come in to warm up. The last time he played in snow, he was two years old in Missouri in snow past his knees...lots of falling down and not much playing that day, so he sure enjoyed today!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We Love Birthdays!

We were in Orlando visiting Lia and Caleb on Clara's actual birthday, January 27.  Her party was planned for the weekend we returned, but this birthday-lovin' mama wasn't about to miss the opportunity to add a birthday celebration!! So we got Clara her first ever cupcake, sang, and let her dig in after a fun day at Disney.

She sure enjoyed it, especially the singing!

Owl Always Love You

Seriously, I know she's mine, but I just can't imagine that she could be any cuter! And since she hates taking pictures, I can't believe I was able to capture a picture with her smiling AND looking!

Watching her big brothers playing outside, screeching at them, and wishing she could join them.

My "Mini" Minnie Turned 1!!!

I still cannot believe that an entire year has passed, and Clara is now 1!!! She is such a joy in our lives, and I am so very thankful that the Lord blessed us with a sweet, little girl. We decided that since she's been to Disney twice this year, it was very fitting to have a Minnie Mouse party. We had the party at CeCe and PePaw's. The Hill Clan, Momo, Uncle Chuck and Mim were able to come. We had a good time visiting and eating hot dogs ;-)

             "Mini" Minnie

Aunt Lia helped us out and got us some great Minnie decorations and favors for the party. 

Nothing makes me happier...

Family time is the best!

She enjoyed opening her presents. I think her favorite at the time was the card from Momo!

Love her!

Smash cake time! She was very hesitant and timid at first, but once she discovered the sweet taste, she wanted it all...

And she was not happy when cake time was over!

All cleaned up and hanging around, upside down

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Is How We Roll...

I needed to run into Kroger, and the boys begged to ride in the car buggy. I usually avoid these jumbo buggies by saying #1. There's nowhere for Clara to sit and #2. They are dirty and covered in germs ;-) But I decided to loosen up and thought I'd squeeze them in together. So, after thoroughly disinfecting it with wipes, in they went to "beep, beep" at every customer we passed. Clara loved it and was totally content to sit with them while shopping. Of course, nearly everyone stopped to say hi or comment how cute they could you not when you see three adorable kids piled into one car buggy 😉 And a passerby even offered to take our pic when he saw me taking one of the kids.