Sunday, June 10, 2012

Slow Down, Baby Drew...

Please stop growing so quickly, Drew!  Where, oh, where, does the time go??  This sweet little man will be one year old in just one short month.  He fills our lives with so much joy, kissable love and cackling laughter :)


On May 26 I hit a pretty big milestone...turning 30!  It is still so hard to imagine that my twenties are now gone, probably because I usually think of myself to still be a young twenty-something.  But oh the reality!  I was not, however, loathing the coming of a new decade.  I did decide that I think leaving the twenties behind can be so difficult at times because that decade holds so much growth and change for most people.  I mean, to think that at 20 I was in college, 24 got married, and 27 and 29 I had my boys, all of that with a few moves mixed in.  That is a whole lot of changing, maturing, and new things going on!  But all in all, I LOVE a birthday and this year did not disappoint!

Since we are in Missouri, I was a tad, ok a lot, disappointed that my family wouldn't be around to help celebrate my big day.  Sam did get my birthday week kicked off pretty well for me...3 pound bag of gummy bears, jumbo bag of Twizzlers and a great book :)  Sam's parents happened to be in town visiting over the weekend, so I figured on Saturday night Sam and I would sneak out for a birthday date and leave the kids with his folks.  After a fun-filled day at the "Amazing Pets Show" and lots of fun playing at home, Sam and I headed out to our "mystery" date.  Sam wouldn't reveal his plans, so I was guessing he had planned a night of my favorites.  Well, I was wrong!

On the way out he said a friend from church wanted us to swing by their house to pick up a gift.  I then went into this long dialogue of how Facebook really has changed birthdays because now everyone knows when its your big day, not just really close friends and family.  Once we arrived, we hopped out and I headed in, only to receive the shock of this decade for me...a surprise party!!!!  I couldn't have been more shocked, grateful and just flat out overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing a houseful of friends.  I have to give huge props to my husband.  He doesn't usually go all out on birthdays, but boy did he this year!  I just love him beyond words for that.  And my heart was just bursting with gratitude and happiness at all of the folks that came out to celebrate.  Many, many days have seemed very lonely and difficult since our move to Missouri, and it was just so sweet to see confirmation that people here love us :)

It was a perfect birthday party, one that I will never forget!  I can tell you that the Lord knew I needed that wonderful gift of a surprise! 

Sam and I
 Some of the ladies at the party.  They even put up fun pink streamers and balloons in the backyard!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Photo Shoot

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More Fun with Mim and Pop

Playing with Mim at our water table

Both boys love to play in the water. And we take their shirts off because they get soaked :)

Well, just look at that sweet, pudgy boy

Waiting for the "Amazing Pets Show" to start.  Mac found this projected icon thing that moved all around.  They chased it around for a good while.

Waiting for the show...and hoping Drew stays happy throughout the whole thing!!

Loving every second, sitting with Mim and eating Pop's popcorn :)

Drew got into the show too!  He loved the dogs!

Clapping and laughing at the entertainer's jokes and great, witty humor

Poor baby didn't last til the end

Family pic again (and it just so happens to be my birthday.  Big 3-0!)

This was standing outside of a restaurant that we went to for Sunday lunch.  It was Stephen's pick, and if you know Stephen, then you know he likes to go places that are cheap and buffets.  And since he found a coupon, he got the best of both worlds here at "Starvin Marvins." haha  The deal with Starvin Marvins is that it was damaged by the recent tornado and recently opened back up.  Stephen seemed to think this was the only reason that it "appeared" to be less than the best pick.  However, it definitely seemed to be a less than popular spot to eat for reasons other than the appearance :)  But we went along and enjoyed the good company!

Now, I put in this picture to show the "hole in the wall" that we ate at, which had a literal hole in the wall due to tornado damage LOL

 Mac was a bit scared of the "Please wait to be seated" alligator...

But he did finally get his nerve up to touch it :)  Drew, on the other hand, was not scared to grab all over it!
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Butterfly Palace with Mim and Pop

Sam's parents, known as Mim and Pop to the boys, came for a visit over Memorial Day Weekend.  We started the fun with a trip to the Butterfly Palace, which Mac loved as much the second time as the first.  Sam's mom teaches elementary school so she especially loved it and would love to figure out a way to bring her class for a field trip :)  I have determined that it is impossible to go without taking a ton of great photos.  I tried to narrow them down to the best and most fun...
 Safari Mim and Pop with the boys

Drew and I in the mirror maze

Sam, Mac and Pop trying to find their way out of the maze

This ended up being our only group picture of the weekend...too bad there's a huge flash light!

Walking like zombies trying to not bonk their heads

Mim with the boys...Mac and Drew are making me laugh in this one, so typical at this stage!

Enjoying the "magic pond," which Drew especially loved this visit since he is now crawling

The Taylor Crew in the hot, humid, feels like MS weather, butterfly room :)

Studying the butterflies

If you look in the upper left, you can see the blue blur of a beautiful, big blue butterfly.  They never did land on anything so this was my best shot.  Notice that Drew sees it!

Riding the bumble bee

Look on top of my head...yep, a butterfly landed!!!! And creeped around up there forever which felt totally crazy!

Getting a closer look and a good laugh

When the second butterfly landed on my head, Sam just had to get a closer look.

We decided that they must like my curl gel...guess its sweet!

One very tired, but still oh so sweet, little boy