Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fairview Preview...

The weekend that Sam went to Fairview Baptist Church in Columbus to be introduced to the congregation, the kids and I stayed home in Forsyth with my mom, as Clara was only a couple weeks old.  Some of the people at Fairview came up with the brilliant idea to Facetime/video us into the service so we could be a part of it as well, and the congregation would have the chance to meet us too. So with mom's help and after several sound and video checks, we woke up early, got ready and gave our best smiles to the good folks in Columbus.  Of course, a good bribe was not far away for the boys :-)  It was a success...and a great picture opportunity since we were dressed and ready. 

All Smiles

This little beauty started smiling at about six weeks.  I love seeing that smile!!

CeCe loves to practice smiling with Clara :-)

When she's not smiling, she's usually sleeping...or smiling while sleeping!

Snoozing away with another beautiful blanket that Aunt Cheryl made for her.  That makes me smile :-)

The Show Me State Showed Out!

     Three years ago when we arrived in Forsyth, Missouri to serve at First Baptist Church of Forsyth I was anxiously excited and waiting for the Show Me State to show me something!  And over those years I was shown something, but it was nothing like I had anticipated.  In the beginning my excitement quickly turned to disappointment, and I was ready to return "home" to Mississippi.  However, Sam and I both knew that the Lord had undoubtedly brought us to Missouri, so I did my best to wait and discover why. 
     Over time the Lord worked and worked on my heart.  It took quite a bit of time (like a year and a half) and lots of heartache, but as the Lord began changing my heart and attitude, the disappointment was replaced by a deep love and fondness.  I am not anywhere close to the person that I was upon our arrival, and I am so glad!  Oh the things that He taught me while I was there...I pray I treasure and remember them always!!
     I loved my church, friends, and life in Forsyth, so when the possibility of moving came up I was pretty certain that we wouldn't be interested.  However, we sought the Lord and His will, and after lots of prayer and thought, Sam accepted a ministry position at Fairview Baptist Church in Columbus, Mississippi.  I was so, so thrilled to be moving closer to family but equally sad about leaving all that we loved in Missouri.  To say it was bittersweet is an understatement. 
     So, at the first of March, with a one month old, we said goodbye and moved to the Magnolia State.  Its kinda funny cause when we moved to Forsyth I was seven months pregnant with Drew and thought there could be no worse time to move.  Well, I discovered a "worse" time...with a newborn! It has definitely been an adventure!  The kids and I are currently staying in Jackson with my parents while we wait to close on a house in Columbus.  The boys feel like we are on a long vacation :-)
     It was so, so hard to say bye to all of our friends and church family in Forsyth.  We had the best friends that one could ever hope or dream to have, and we were blessed to be serving at a wonderful church that we absolutely loved.  And it was so great to live amongst some of the prettiest scenery I have seen.  The Show Me State truly showed out!  I am incredibly thankful for the time that the Lord allowed us to be there, and I look forward to many return visits!!

One of our last days in Missouri on the deck of our house.  Man, I'm gonna miss that view!!

Oh I miss them already!! (This clearly is before Brooke and I had Clara and Nora!)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Things Boys Do...

"Jake" and "Cubby" going on an adventure. This days adventure involved watching Daddy trying to make it up an icy driveway. 

Drew loves him some jelly toast...actually, Drew loves him about anything!

Just hanging out watching tv

When the snow is too powdery to build a snowman, a smart, creative boy turns the chair into a snowman :-)

Loves "doodles" at Chinese Mexican Burrito. Yes, that's a real restaurant. Yes, there is a Chinese Mexican burrito on the menu. And yes, this place is actually good!

Sweet brothers playing and watching Angry Birds on Dad's phone 

Spreading some love with his Valentine bag at preschool

Going for a walk with "webbons" to protect their princess sister 

"Magic Mickey and Donald Duck" wake up call :-)

Found a lizard with Pepaw and made him a home in the "tank"

And all boys watch "Frozen" and sing the songs...or at least all Taylor boys do ;-)