Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life with CeCe and PePaw

Back when we moved from Missouri to Mississippi, Sam had to start work before we had found a place to live.  My parents very graciously offered for us to stay with them until we found a place.  Not just anyone would take in a 4 year old, 2 year old, 4 week old and their parents!! We had a lot of fun while staying there and it was great spending so much time with my family after years apart from them.  However, since Sam only got to come to Jackson a night or two a week, we were ready to be reunited as a family in Columbus sooner than later :-)  We stayed at my parents from Feb 27-April 19! We were ever so grateful!!
Mac loves Clara and when she cries, he rushes over with his doggy and blanky to make her feel better.

During our time at CeCe's, we figured out that Clara slept much better on her tummy. So a tummy-sleeper she is.

Playing all together

Clara used her swing for the first time there and began watching the little mobile that hangs above

They love watching movies and eating popcorn at CeCe's, especially when the cousins are over

Clara also started noticing the television during our time there

Clara met the Hill's for the first time as soon as we arrived in Mississippi.  Ellie is a lil mama and loves taking care of her.

We took some walks in mom's neighborhood.  On this walk the boys were protecting "the princesses" with their "webbons"...a bat and a nerf gun

Played lots of dress-up in Aunt Lia's Disney gear

Caught lizards and kept them in a jug

Sweet brothers taking a had been a LONG time since we had taken a walk on a road so straight and flat!

Pirate Drew

Doing a little water painting

Spent lots of time playing and building with PePaw's scrap wood.

Feeding the ducks with PePaw.  We love the McAlister's in Jackson where kids eat free on Saturday and Sunday!

Spent LOTS of time with the Hill kids.  Our "best buddies"

Bless her, working hard to focus on something. haha

Spent lots of time napping...when someone was holding her! She was still battling reflux pretty bad when we first arrived.  But by the time we left she was doing much better.

Lots of race running.  Mac constructed this get-up which he deemed his "Anger Bird" running race costume

Loved helping PePaw work any chance they got

Started smiling and laughing while here

We got to watch Parker in some baseball action

She began following the toys that hang down and has loved them ever since

Lots of time hanging out in pjs

And even a little bit of time getting into trouble...and paints.

Easter 2014

The night before Easter was our first night in our new house in Columbus.  The moving truck was not scheduled to arrive until the day after Easter, so we slept on air mattresses and had fun in an empty house.  The boys thought it was great because they could run around everywhere.  

The Easter Bunny found us in Columbus

Happy boys to have received bug nets

Very cool "Anger Bird" sunglasses

We had several offers to join people for lunch, but we were so excited to have our new house that we opted for a McDonald's picnic on the kitchen floor at home.  The boys, of course, were thrilled with this idea!

Picnic (complete with new superhero socks)

Then a little egg hunt fun in the backyard (which had just been mowed by some super kind men from the church)

Wasting no time eating his candy from the eggs

Clara and I hung out in the shade while the boys were swinging.

At Fairview Mac has to sit in "Big Church" with us (I'm personally not a fan, as I'm not able to pay attention to much of the service but, oh well.  We're learning.) Mac was thrilled to have received this David and Goliath play set from CeCe to keep him occupied during church. And he was very proud of his necklace that he made in Sunday School.

The weekend before Easter we made our traditional trek to Bass Pro to see the Easter Bunny.  I have to admit, I was a bit sad to visit in Pearl as opposed to Branson...happy to be close to family, but still taking me some time to get used to not being in Missouri

A picture of a picture...whatch gonna do??? I wasn't about to buy the digital copy!

Eating a little lunch at their favorite "Samuel McAllister Taylor's" aka McAlister's Deli.

Silly thing!

Sink or Swim

The boys both started swimming lessons this week for the very first time.  Drew barely made the age requirement of 3 years :-)  Sam and I were not real sure how things would go...neither like to put their faces in the water.  Drew is a bit more adventurous, and Mac very cautious so we knew we had a 50/50 shot of them loving lessons.  We talked it up big time and talked all about how big boys swim with no floaties.  They bought into it! Mac said "I'm gonna do whatever my teacher says.  Even put my face in the water." and Drew said "I'm gonna do a flip off the diving board!" (perfect demonstration of their personalities!) 

They were so excited to go on the first day and were so proud to line up when their names were called.  They even took the little pre-shower with no problem (which is a big deal!).  Mac soaked up every second and really did do everything his teacher said, including putting his face in.  Drew's teacher started off on the wrong foot by dunking Drew's face in on his first turn.  No "Hi I'm your teacher. What's your name?" or "Do you like to put your face in? Can you blow bubbles?" Just, "time to get in and go under."  Now, although Sam and I both have years and years of experience in teaching lessons and were totally unimpressed with the guy's approach, we decided to just watch and see how the remainder of the first lesson went for Drew before stepping in.  Though Drew cried A LOT after being dunked, his teacher did finally redeem himself and has been great with Drew each day since.  Mac is nearly swimming alone already! And he loves that his teacher "can just save me whenever I need it." 

I can't wait to see their progress when the session is over.  Thank you YMCA of Columbus!

Mac is way on the other side of the pool from where the parents sit so I have a hard time getting a good pic...but there he is waiting for his turn.

Drew loving swimming on the "doodle"

Mac and his teacher are on the far left.  He's probably talking his teacher's ear off :-)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Yum, Yum!

After Clara's 4 month check-up, the doc said it was time that we start trying out baby food.  Of course, we started with every baby's favorite, cereal ;-)  She was not too sure about it...this is her first bite

And out it all came

Thinking it over...

And the verdict was she hated it! She didn't swallow any of it that night!

After many more attempts and some practice, a couple weeks later she decided that she likes it. 

Actual baby food was not an easy one either...she did not like it at all.  My friend Brooke clued me in to the pouches of baby food with the mixtures, like mango banana and apple carrot.  She said Nora can't get enough of them. We tried those (yes, I do know the "rule" about giving only one type of food at a time to check for allergies.  I also know about the "rule" to give veggies before fruit.  In case you didn't know, she's my third...I've learned the real "rule" is to do whatever works!)  She loves the pouches! And now eats any type of baby food like a champ.