Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Get Your Game Face On!

Last week the boys had their first soccer practice and were so excited!! They are on the same team this year which helps simplify life a little.  Mac played two years ago in Missouri, but it was not a very organized program so it wasn't that great of an experience.  Drew has never played and was beside himself that he is now big enough to play.  Of course, they are thrilled to play together, and Mac is so encouraging to Drew when they practice.  Here's to a great season of soccer!

Snapped a few pics before heading out to practice

Mac's big kick...as an older kid on the team (3s and 4s) he is pretty good so far and pays close attention to everything the coach says

Drew loves to kick that ball in the goal!  But if he misses, he instantly hangs his head and walks slowly away...we are working on being ok with not always making it but also giving lots of encouragement.  He sees his big brother doing well and gets disappointed when he doesn't perform the same.  Sweet baby :-)

Clara and Sam.  Sam is not coaching but sure enjoyed joining the coaches to make practice successful.  Thankful to have him!

Sweet thing watching her brothers

Waiting to start the next drill

Our coach Mr. Richard is so great!  He is a perfect mix of structure, fun, and encouragement for this age group.  Feel blessed to have him (he also happens to be a friend from church)

This is how Drew stands after he kicks and makes it in the goal.  He just stands like that and stares at the ball for a few seconds, then turns and says "Yeeess!" as he looks on the side to see if I was watching.

My babies sure get hot and sweaty, but they loved it and were so proud of themselves

Clara and I were quickly deemed the cheerleaders.  And I was told to cheer loud as we were driving to practice.  So, even though no other parents were loudly cheering during the ENTIRE practice, I sure enough did! I always want to be their biggest cheerleader, and if it makes a difference to them, I could care less if everyone on the side thinks I'm a crazy mama ;-)