Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Annual Easter Party at CeCe's

On Good Friday (April 18), we had our first annual "Cousin Easter Party."  My mom had several cute activities for the kids and fun Easter snacks.  The kids loved every single second, and we are all looking forward to round two of our new tradition :-)
CeCe is a great storyteller and told a story about the Peeps: Piddle, Criddle, Niddle, Diddle, and Moe.  The kids listened quietly to every. single. word.

Making Peep houses

Dyeing some eggs

Fun bunny straws

All the kiddos, minus Clara...who was contentedly sitting in her bouncy seat

Egg hunt for money filled eggs! (we're talking change here, folks.  But according to the kids they were rich and all were ready to go spend their loot at Dollar Tree)

Just a little proof that Clara was a passive participant :)

Ooh, this Lil Mama takes such good care of her little cousin.  You know, "the girls gotta stick together!"

Monday, June 16, 2014

Move In Day!!!

After living with my mom for close to two months, the boys and I were so excited to finally be reunited with Sam once we finalized the purchase of our new house!!  The boys were also super excited to be reunited with their toys after being packed up for so long!  Move in day was the day after Easter, April 21st. When the truck arrived, the boys rushed out to watch the men get to work.  They were practically little shadows to them all day.  And Mac would ask after almost every box was unloaded if it was his "Anger Birds playsets."  It was a very exciting day!!

Watching the  movers get to work

Taking a rest from the work to watch Frozen and eat a little popcorn

Clara was such a trooper and slept for most of the day.  She is such a good baby!!

Our new house!  455 Jones Drive :-)

Our favorite part is the huge backyard complete with swing set and trampoline (quite the change from our hilly, rocky terrain in Missouri...though I do miss that view!)

The next day the boys were allowed to begin attending the Child Development Center (aka preschool) at our church.  The staff was so very kind to let us start with only six classes remaining in the school year.  Drew was especially excited since this was his first "school" experience.  And the CDC did not disappoint!  

Giving kisses before heading out the door.  I was a frantic mama digging through boxes trying to locate lunchboxes and bookbags.  Mac was very confident because he said "I go to school in Missouri.  I know all about it."

Mac and Ms. Susan.  He just walked right in and started talking.  That can be attributed to all the work that Ms. Lisa and Ms. Rebecca did with Mac in MO to help him come out of his shell some.  I miss those sweet teachers!!

Drew was in "Ms. Wabin's" class (Ms. Robin) who he has deemed "the best teacher in the whole world."  He wasn't feeling up to taking a picture with her but did not mind a pose at the toy table.  We can't wait for classes to start back up in the fall!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

You Gotta Start Somewhere...

What do you do when you've gotten terribly behind on blogging but you have loads of stuff that HAS to be documented??  You start somewhere, that's just gotta start somewhere.  So here's to having a life that has finally begun to settle down, a house to call our own again, and a computer with high speed internet :-)  Now time to begin catching up!!
Sweet Clara after her bath tonight

We all, and I mean ALL of the Taylor clan, had a fabulous time at our first VBS at Fairview last week, Agency D3.  The boys had a blast and couldn't wait to go each day.  The first morning Mac woke up and said," Mom, what's something that doesn't take long to fix for breakfast so we can hurry and go to Agent CD3??"  Later in the week he figured out it was Agency D3 and learned all of the songs.  So...just when you think the week is over, they give each child a VBS soundtrack and it lives on in the car FOREVER!!!  I'm all about discovering, deciding and defending, but sometimes you just need a break! haha

Loves her Daddy

Found Mac at snack time

When Bible School was over, Sam had a lock-in with the students so the kids and I loaded up and went to see the fam (let me just add that I am loving this aspect of living in Mississippi!!)  A year or so ago PePaw and Mac made a birdhouse that we are still loving and talk about often.  Drew decided that he wanted to make a green birdhouse with PePaw...well, as soon as PePaw found out, he was right on it.  My dad is so great doing projects with the kids, just like he was with me when I was little.  Love that he's passing on the skill of working with tools. 

Deciding how big the bird hole should be in the side

While PePaw and Drew were working, Mac wanted to make his own creation

This makes me so happy to see in the mornings.  The boys come and lay in the bed with Clara while I finish getting ready.  Such sweet, sweet brothers always looking out for their "Princess."

We had a fun visit the week before last from Mrs. Rhonda and Sarah.  So good to see their faces and catch up.  Nevermind, that Drew choked on a hot dog and threw up all over the place!!!  No big deal since everyone else was finished eating and it didn't get on the treat bags that Mrs. Rhonda brought for them :-)