Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Bass Pro Easter

Enjoying the fish while waiting for the egg hunt to begin

Looking for eggs around the store amongst the merchandise
Putting eggs into the Easter bag

So proud of himself for finding one

Very interested in his loot. We got to trade in his eggs for ones filled with candy :)

Look at that face...kind of unsure about this whole bunny thing

Still getting used to the Bunny

Now, he's decided they can be friends

Family Pic

Yep, you know those eggs went straight to the mouth

Worn out from all the excitement at Bass Pro. But still hanging onto his prized eggs!

We had a great Saturday afternoon at Branson Landing's Bass Pro. Ever wonder who goes to the Bunny and activites at places like Bass Pro??? Wonder no more...we do :) This was Mac's first experience with an egg hunt, and it was a huge hit! He loved it so much that we had to have our own egg hunt over and over at the condo when we got home. And hey, when else will we be able to get pics of Mac hunting eggs with fishing lures and worms in the background?? haha

After the egg hunt we had to go on a bunny hunt. The Easter Bunny was not in an assigned spot with a photographer. He just walked around the store visiting with kids and posing for anyone's camera that came by. It was so funny. We couldn't find him at first but every now and then you'd hear "Bunny sighting at the rear of the store" or something similar come over the intercom. So everyone looking for the Bunny rushed to that spot. So funny. Mac was unsure of him at first, but he didn't shy away or cry. Just was being his very cautious little self. After a few seconds he warmed up to the Bunny and then was giving high fives and showing him his eggs.

We had a such a good time. Thanks Bass Pro for providing our Easter Egg and Bunny fun!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Its a Hard Knock Life

Silver Dollar City

Getting ready to enter the exciting world of SDC! We are having issues with Mac wanting to look at the camera these days :)

Mac's favorite attraction...a big area filled with foam balls and vacuum hoses. He was in heaven!

Dropping balls into the hose. That boy would've had the whole place cleaned up in no time if we had let him stay all day.

Trying to decide where to start

Having fun on the slide

Second to the balls, this was Mac's favorite attraction, though I'm not sure its a real "attraction." haha He loved playing in the water and that the ball turned.

So, we thought Mac would love the frog ride. Its one of the few that he can actually ride.

Boy, were we wrong!!!! He cried the whole time. And I don't blame him. The darn thing bounced/jolted you up and down the whole ride. Being a frog is no fun indeed!

Don't worry, we made him happy again after the frog trauma by going to the playground area.

We had alot of fun at Silver Dollar City and are now proud season ticketholders, which includes admission to the waterpark. Sam said he'd never lived anywhere where there was something to get a season pass for, except ballgames, so we were eager to join up! haha

It was a very hot day for Branson, and this pregnant mama was struggling to get around the numerous inclines (and it didn't help that I wore jeans). I eyeballed the scooters once or twice on a trek up the hill. We only stayed a few hours, so we look forward to returning soon (when I will make sure to wear clothes that can get wet so Mac and I can cool off in the splash pad!) Just another fun day in Branson! Do I really live here??? I'm pretty sure we may be on vacation! haha

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worn out!!

Bless this sweet baby's heart...we have been on the go so much since we arrived that we have just worn him out. Getting to bed past 7 and not taking his full naps everyday has really caught up with him. I found him in his chair the other day snoozing. Now, what you don't know is that this is a first! My child doesn't fall asleep anywhere but in his bed. And he fell asleep watching The Wiggles!!! If you know Mac, you know he loves The Wiggles and stays glued to their show the entire time it is on TV. Now, that is tired!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dixie Stampede

Last week we had the fun opportunity to see Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. It was Sam and Mac's first time and only my second, so we were real excited to go. I wasn't too sure how Mac would do during the show and really contemplated whether or not to take him. I knew he'd like it, just wasn't sure it'd hold his interest for the duration. Boy, was I wrong!!!! He absolutely loved it...from beginning to end. He never took his eyes off the excitement. The show includes a delicious meal that you eat with your hands, and man, it is soooo good! Sam survived getting his hands dirty and used up all the wet wipes when it was over :) We had a blast and can't wait to take all our visiting friends to enjoy the show!

North vs. South
Something really has Mac's attention
Glued to the horses, dancers, and excitement
He did stop looking long enough to play with the cups
Its hard to make out the sign, but this horse's name is Sam
And this one is cool??

You can't quite make this out on Mac's sign, but the second line says "He and his partner Sam have been pulling wagons together since they were both old enough to be hitched up." How cute, Mac and Sam are parters :)

The big Branson finale where everything is "God and Country."

Couldn't leave without a shot of good ol Dolly!

Posing with a performer after the show.

Giving high fives. She has no idea that Mac is now her biggest fan!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well, this past Sunday night we officially arrived in Branson...our new home. Sam and I caravaned with the Jeep loaded, including a jogging stroller and fishing poles tied on top, and the Camry packed tight with me and Mac. We definitely fit the description "country come to town." haha We are temporarily living in a furnished condo at a resort, so we pretty much just needed the necessities for living. Now, determining what is a necessity and what is not depends on who you ask. For Sam, he'd be fine with some clothes, his laptop, and golf clubs. But I, on the other hand, had to have Mac's basketball goal, toy box crammed full of favorite toys, tv chair, and my beloved vacuum cleaner. And believe it or not, it all fit in the two cars! I'm pretty sure Mary Poppins came over to pack up the cars :)

Speaking of tv, we're trying to do without. Well, actually we've purchased a converter box and antenna with the hopes of getting by with just local channels. So far our indoor antenna gets us two network channels and two Branson tourist channels. We've gotta get an outdoor antenna...I at least need PBS for Mac on occasion! We just decided that tv can eat away so much time that could be better spent doing things together, not to mention the money that it eats up! I'll post in the future to update how we make it!

So, I've spent this week unpacking what we have and organizing it all in the condo. Its definitely different living in a 2 bedroom condo, but I'm looking forward to the perks also. No yard maintenance, playgrounds, swimming pools, golf course, restaurant...I mean, what else could you want????

I'll post some pics of the place soon. It's not "home" yet, but I'm sure in time it will be. I kinda just feel like I'm on vacation and will be leaving soon for Mississippi. But since that's not happening, I'll just wait on Mississippi to come to me!