Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November happenings

Wow, does anyone else feel like November totally just came and went???  And I'm still sitting around wondering how it's still not the first week of the month!!  I suppose that's a testament to how packed our days have been! But I reckon anytime you throw in a week and a half of fabulous family vacation time, the rest of the days speed by.  Anyhow, since I haven't blogged all month, I'll do a recap of some highlights...

The Taylor Family went on a GREAT Disney trip to see our favorite Princess!  My next post will be just about our trip, but I have hundreds of pictures to go through and pick out my favorites.

I thought it'd be great fun to have a movie night on our big air mattress.  It was great fun...lots of wrestling, giggling and jumping.  Not lots of movie watching!  But the boys thought it was so fun.  I even let them get by with eating sugar cookie pop tarts for supper :)

For Thanksgiving Sam's parents and brother, Reed, came for a visit.  We had a good time catching up, and we all got in on some great Black Thursday and Friday deals!

Our music pastor's family had no relatives come in town so we had them over for Thanksgiving lunch with us.  Reggie smoked a mean turkey!

It's always nice for an excuse to use nice dishes.  And I even polished up my great-grandmother's silver to use :)

Let me just say right now, I was in favor of eating pumpkin pancakes at IHop for lunch.  I mean, my mom, aunt, and grandmother always do all of the cooking.  I had zero experience doing all of the cooking for a crowd.  But with a little (well, lots) of encouragement from Sam and many phone calls and emails to my mom, I successfully prepared a pretty good lunch, pies and all :) 

Our month was filled with lots of beautiful fall leaves and Mississippi State football watching on tv
 Our breathtaking view from the back deck.  The Ozark sunsets are just incredible!