Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Stuck In Snow...Again!

Clara was born on a Monday, and on the following Sunday we had an unexpected heavy snowfall.  Sam, my mom, and the boys all went to church and by the time Sam returned from the second service, he almost couldn't make it to our house.  In fact, several families were stranded at our church for the afternoon! We were snowed in for several days.  I figured if we had to be stuck indoors it may as well be when we need to stay home with a newborn anyway! Today, over a week and a half later, we still have snow outside!  We are all ready for warmer weather!
Eating giant snowballs

Snow angels

These boys really do love playing in the snow.  My mom and I stepped outside only long enough to snap a few pictures.  It was freezing!!

Sweet :)

Beautiful sunset from the back deck

Everything was once again covered in snow.  We  have had a bitterly cold, snowy winter!

Love spotting a beautiful cardinal against the white backdrop.

Snowball fight

Bath time!

Clara's first bath was a family affair. With all of our children, Sam and I have our "roles" at bath time, and they haven't changed.  He does the holding, and I do the scrubbing.  Good teamwork right there!  And the boys were pretty interested in what we were doing.  However, halfway through the bath they decided that their game of superheroes was more fun and ran off to catch bad guys. Clara enjoys her baths and LOVES for her hair to be washed and brushed. She does not, however, like to be cold one little bit and will quickly let you know about it!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pink Picture Time

The day that we brought Clara home from the hospital we did our best to take some pictures of her with the boys. That process is always hit or miss!  My talented friend Jamie made the kids the cutest big brother/little sister shirts ever.  I just love them!  And after many, many attempts, we did manage to capture some very cute shots.  

She's Home!!

The boys looking out the window eagerly waiting for us to come home with Clara.

She's home!!!

Getting a closer look while she's still bundled up in her carrier.  My Aunt Cheryl crocheted this beautiful blanket for Clara.  It is so soft and warm, and I will treasure it for years to come!

Ready for the fun to begin

She's absolutely perfect!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Before There Were Five

This post is a little late and in backwards order, but I just love the pics that we snapped before church the day before Clara was born.  A sweet friend at church gave the boys some big brother shirts, and they were quite proud to wear them to church.  
These little guys make my heart happy everyday...and sometimes my mind crazy! haha

Ahh, seriously the most sensitive, tenderhearted little boy.  If he "wants to make me happy," he calls me "beautiful and a pretty princess"  

The boys insisted that PePaw join in the picture.  Unfortunately Sam has to be at church before we do, so he wasn't there to be a part of the pic.

Clara, Clara, Clara...

I am NOT a fan of taking pics while I am in the hospital.  I mean, some gals can do it and look super cute with no makeup, bedhead, and pjs...I am not one of those gals!!  But for the sake of memories, I took a few :-)

So far, Clara seems to resemble Mac the most with her small, round head and little nose.  And she is amazingly content, sleeps almost all day and night, and eats like a champ.  Complete perfection!

Loving on their new sister.

I just cannot explain how proud this big brother is

Hanging out in the hospital bed watching tv

Little bow :-)

Love my daddy!!

Still kinda in shock that I have a daughter!  And that she prefers to be swaddled!  Neither of the boys liked it.  In fact, they hated it! But this sweet thing loves to be all snuggled up and warm.

After their visit, the boys went with CeCe and PePaw to see "the lady with the red hair." LOL  Sam and I were soo grateful that they also brought us some takeout from McAlister's Deli.  Great change from the hospital cafeteria!

Enjoying their nuggets and fries

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Special Playtime

Sam and I were so grateful that my parents were able to come to help with Mac and Drew while we were in the hospital with Clara.  The boys were spoiled plenty and had a great time.  They definitely helped make the transition fun and easier for the boys.
Mac loved to help PePaw make and then drink coffee.  Of course, his was practically all milk and sugar, but he sure thought he was big.

Playing a hunting game on PePaw's phone

Eating some supper at "the little table"

Icee and toy time at Target

The boys took a fun break from the hospital the afternoon that Clara was born.  The Incredible Pizza Company was such a fun treat for them!

He was a real train conductor!

Love Mac's face as he's trying to squint to hit the target