Saturday, July 24, 2010

The World's A Playground

Mac loves this case and usually licks the glass :)

His favorite spot to look out at the world.

More than likely, he's trying to pull up to the
chair to attempt to get food off the table!

He absolutely loves pulling up on my Ikea kitchen stool.

Making his way from the window to the case.

Hanging out near the fireplace. He often stands here
to watch TV which is next to the fireplace.

For about the past month and a half, Mac has turned everything into something to be pulled up on. He explores all over the house, and its so funny to watch him discover something new. He is very much a creature of habit and visits the same spots everyday. I tried to take "action" shots of him pulling up, but the child is too much of a ham. When he either heard the camera turn on or saw its orange light, he stopped all activity to turn and smile at me. Guess you can tell I take LOTS of pictures. haha

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Choo Choo!!

Today we celebrated Adam Koonce's 1st birthday. Adam is one of Mac's baby friends that we play with during the week. He had a train party and had the cutest riding train for the babies to play with. Mac loved riding the train. He was so funny because he didn't hold onto the wheel. Instead, he just kicked back and cruised around. It was hilarious. I know Mac would love to have a train at home, but he'll just have to consider himself blessed to have a friend that does! haha

Riding the train.

Mac in his conductor outfit. Bless his little heart, his feet
were nowhere close to touching the pedals! Good thing
they have it taped down to keep it going.
This is how Mac rode on the train, kicked back cruising.

Our play group babies: Mac, Calin and Adam.

Mac loved the cake. In fact, he loves all sweets!

"I Poo In Blue"

My grandmother indulged Mac with a frivolous item, Huggies jean diapers. And they are too cute!! They are perfect for these hot summer days when Mac can just hang out in his diaper. And since they are super cute jeans, he doesn't look like a deprived child with no clothes :) Thanks MoMo!!!!
(I sure do hope that most everyone has seen the Huggies jean commercial and knows that I didn't come up with the title of this post. haha)

The 4th and Fireworks

Mac in his red, white, and blue...

Make us proud Sam...spit far!

Loving the view.

A perfect ending to a great day!

I love, love the 4th of July. Just to go ahead and get it out there, of course, I love it because its independence day and I love America and our freedoms. Now, I especially like the fact that on this particular day, one can wear any combination of red, white, and blue and its totally acceptable. And that I did. I would not ordinarily wear a red shirt with my blue seersucker skirt, but, oh, on the 4th I can and did! I also love cook outs, watermelon and fireworks. Most 4ths are spent with family and friends. And my entire family spent the day grilling and swimming at my grandparents on the coast, but since it fell on a Sunday this year, it was spent at home in Monticello for us.

We started the day at church and then had a patriotic "cook out" at Pizza Inn. Instead of swimming in the sun, we napped in the bed. That evening we went to the local park, Cooper's Ferry, for a community-wide 4th event. It was so fun and I was pleasantly surprised at all the festivities. Sam competed in a good, old-fashioned watermelon seed spitting contest but opted out of the watermelon eating contest...We walked around and watched as people played games, kids jumped in bounce houses, others played in the firetruck's water hose. Then we enjoyed some patriotic singing from the community wide church choir. To top off the evening, there was a firework show.

I was a little unsure how the fireworks would go with Mac. It was way past his bedtime, and he usually isn't a fan of very loud noises. And lets just be honest, I was a little skeptical that our small town would even have a good fireworks display to begin with...But once they started, Mac's face lit up. He loved every second of the fireworks and never once flinched. And the town had a wonderful fireworks show. It was much better and longer than I ever expected. It was a great way to celebrate the 4th!