Monday, October 31, 2011

Keeping Cool

My parent's apartment had a fabulous pool that Mac really enjoyed. It was pretty hot the week we were there, so we happily went a couple of times during our stay!

Dewberry Farm's Pumpkin Patch

Mac in a pumpkin ring

This boy LOVES a pumpkin

Walking around the patch

Helping PePaw push the stroller :)

Mesmerized by the singing chickens

Riding a pig with my boys
Rubber Duck races

Waiting for the pig races to start

Trying to keep cool on a very hot day in Houston

PePaw was loving showing the tractor to Mac

Playing on the net

Riding down a very bumpy PVC pipe slide

You reckon Houston needed some rain??? Look at that dust!!!

One hot, sweaty little boy after a big day at the Pumpking Patch
(whew, that was a marathon of pictures...but it was such a great place at Dewberry Farms with so much to do. We had a great day, and everyone slept well afterwards!)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"PooPaw's" Playground

PePaw, aka PooPaw, took Mac to the playground a few times.

Loving the big, twisty slide

Brave britches...Mac was more adventurous and independent than I probably have ever seen him

Crawling up the slide with a little help


Feeding the Ducks

One of Mac's favorite things we did all week, feed the ducks at a nearby park. He did this a couple of times during the week thanks to my dad and a large loaf of bread :)

Look at the bravery! (notice the beak poking through the fence)

Drew enjoyed the ducks, too

This was Mac's favorite duck. The duck showed him special attention (I'm pretty sure the duck just wanted to hog up all the bread! ha)

The boys with CiCi and PePaw (or "PooPaw" according to Mac)

Mac's 1st "Professional" Haircut

Mac had his first real haircut while in Houston. Up until this point, the only haircuts he had were done by my mom, and they were really just trims. We went to "Cool Cuts for Kids" (which really was cool). There were cute little chairs to sit in, and the kids get to pick out a movie and watch it while getting their hair done. Anyone who knows Mac knows how much he loves movies, so there could not have been a better place for him! Although I was pretty nervous about turning him over to the stylist, she actually did a wonderful job. Great first experience!!
Playing trains while waiting his turn. See that mess of hair in the back??

Riding in the car...have another look at the big 'ol mess of hair :)

Watching "Bob the Builder"

Driving his car

This pic is so you can see the pro, Tammie

Look at my big boy and his great new 'do!

Houston Children's Museum

This was the greatest children's museum ever! It had a whole floor designated just for toddlers and babies. Mac was in play heaven!

Sliding with Mommy

I was underneath knocking on the window. Mac was cracking up :)

Jumbo Lite Brite

Lots of buttons, doors, levers, etc for little hands to explore

This was the grocery store in the "big kid" area of the museum. Mac loves him a credit card, or "money" as he calls it.

Throwing balls from one pit to the other over and over and over


"knock, knock"

CiCi and Baby Drew taking a phone break

Water fun outside

Let the Houston Fun Begin!!!

One of our first outings in Houston was to the Rainforest Cafe at the Katy Mills Mall. It provided great entertainment (once Mac got over a little bit of fear :)) and delicious food!
Sweet Baby Drew...I always try to capture him in pictures too, even if he is just sleeping. I want him to know he was always part of the fun too! And somehow he did manage to sleep despite the loud elephants, monkeys, and rainstorms!
My Big Boy Mac and CiCi walking through the mall.
Going for a train ride!
Have fun CiCi!! Oh wait, the conductor forgot to mention the ride goes ALL over the mall...see ya in twenty minutes :)
Proud Mac in front of "Thomas"