Sunday, September 23, 2012

Skinny Jeans???

 What do you get when clothes need to be washed, you have a kinda too small pair of jeans, and a cute, chunky little boy?...
 A sweet, smiling youngun that appears to be sportin the latest trend of boy skinny jeans! haha

This however was not the intended case...but, bless his soul, I sure loaded him up for church in them.  I mean, whatcha gonna do??  Well, I know what I'm gonna do now...go buy him some new pants! haha

And oh my, I cannot believe my Baby Mac is about to be three years old in one short week!

He looks so grown with his big boy haircut and new big boy clothes

The Train Museum!!!!

So, if you know Mac or keep up with us on the blog, then you know he is in a serious Thomas the Train obsession phase.  Therefore, I was very, VERY excited when I stumbled upon the discovery of a train museum in Springfield.  It is only open on Saturdays for two hours from May to Oct.  I wasn't expecting much but knew he would be happy with anything train.  Boy were my expectations off!!!  It was the neatest thing ever!  Like an entire train, cars and all that you can walk through.  Some cars are set up with memorabilia and some are to depict what the train was actually like.  It was enjoyed by all!  We will definitely be returning :)

He thought this was so neat.  And he quickly educated us on the importance of coal and steam so that the engine can chuff and puff and pump his pistons :)

Mr. Conductor driving his engine to Tidmuth Sheds

And like I have mentioned before, Drew has no choice but to share a love for trains!  And that he does.

PePaw and Mac...look at the size of that thing!

My baby conductor

Sitting in the top section of the commuter car.  Notice the train whistle in Mac's mouth that truly sounds like a train blaring in your ear...thanks for that gift, PePaw! ;-)

Me and my train-loving boys...we sure enough braved this in the rain!  Rain or shine, we were going!!

Mac singing the Thomas theme song in the "booster" aka caboose

Hanging out on the colorful "booster"

Putting all his might into ringing the bell

This is to demonstrate the massiveness of this thing.  Check out my dad by the wheel.  I had no idea they were really so large when you see them whiz by your car.

CeCe and PePaw's Visit!

Two weeks ago my mom so graciously came to stay with our boys so Sam and I could attend a wonderful pastors and wives conference with our church staff.  We had a blast, and it was a much needed getaway from everyday life.  The boys and CeCe also had a great time!  At the end of the week, my dad flew out to spend the weekend with us too.  It was there first visit since our move to our new house, so we were extra excited to have them come stay.  Even though the entire weekend was rainy, we still had a blast!  And Drew added to his very small vocabulary the word "Pepaw" :)  That puts it up to three words now! haha   
What do you do in Branson when it's raining??? Go to the Butterfly Palace, of course!
I love this face of Drew's and have equal feelings for the "OOH" that accompanies it!  I mean, who wouldn't point at that ugly thing?!?

PePaw and Drew were kinda inseperable (and Dad paid for it with a hurt back once it was all said and done!)

If you know my mom, this picture is one that provides much comfort and comic relief.  It's just so "her"...the her that we have all loved and cherished for years :) 

Reckon Mac was having fun?

Dad was keeping Drew safe from slamming into mirrors in the maze

Now how about that face! I suppose I was trying to escape from a butterfly about to fly in my face!

We had lots of delicious food...this was our garbage can lid feast at "Famous Dave's"

Mac was treated to picking out whatever he wanted at the candy store.  The candy store that we used to just go in to see the train running across the top of the store..."used to" because now that he knows what the candy is like, I'm thinking we'll never again enter without him wanting some :)  PePaw spoils us all rotten!

Sign of the times...both boys passing time while waiting to eat at "Lambert's" by playing on cell phones

Family pic after the very best meal Branson has to offer at the Keeter Center at the College of the Ozarks.  Hands down the best!  (and everyone should go at least once, despite the price)

We also passed time in the rain at Bass Pro
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1 Year Photo Shoot

 We had some pictures taken for Drew's first birthday on one of our trips to Mississippi in July.  There were sooo many good ones, which I was a bit surprised by but shouldn't have been because I had my mom along for the ride!  CeCe can get all of her grandkids to take good pictures, and she practically sacrifices her dignity to do so, flapping, hooting, jumping, whatever it takes...we are so grateful!  Thanks, CeCe!!!  For the sake of my family (and because I love to see them myself), I am putting several on the blog.  Sorry if it's overload for you! haha

By the end of the shoot...

Mac was ready to go

and Drew was totally worn out and ready for a nap!

Labor Day Church Picnic

 Because of Hurricane Isaac, the boys and I made an early return trip from Mississippi (which we took to visit Lia), and we had to miss Sam's family reunion.  We were bummed about the change of plans but excited that it gave us the chance to attend our church's Labor Day weekend picnic and fireworks show on Sunday.  Who doesn't love a good potluck with juicy hotdogs, sweaty kids, and fun friends???  We had a great time visiting with folks and chasing our kids around on the playground.  And we did get to enjoy a great fireworks display!  It was supposed to have been on the Fourth of July, but thanks to a burn ban, the church postponed for Labor Day weekend.  Glad we were there!  And Mac, who is usually a bit scared of fireworks due to the noise, told us all night that he was not going to be scared because he loved fireworks.  And, indeed, he wasn't...he enjoyed it from start to finish :)

The Taylor Crew anxiously awaiting the fireworks by the lake

Well, at least Sam was looking :)

That Drew loves his big brother and can't get his eyes off of him long enough to actually look at the camera!  I just love watching their friendship grow!

Ya reckon the boy had a sweaty good time playing???  Look at those curls!

Drew being Drew