Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Much Needed Night Out With Friends

A little mini-golf a few weekends ago.  Though it was in May, it fell on a weekend with a cold front.  So we headed to the indoor course.  My golf-loving husband brought his own putter.  He did it to be funny but actually used it.

We were excited to have a night out with some good friends.  We spent lots of time laughing...just what we all needed.

We decided to go boys vs. girls.  We knew we didn't have much of a chance but we were wagering on a spa day if we won, so we decided to try.  We were ahead for one hole and the lead didn't last long!
Guys may have won, but girls had the most fun!

It's Finally Warmed Up

Yay for weather that finally made it to the 80s so we can do fun stuff outside!

We did it right this year with a plastic pool with a slide.  haha 
Reminds me of my childhood.
Mac likes to slide.  Drew likes to swim. I like to sit and work on a tan. :-)

Things We Do

Some indoor swim time with our dear friends

Sam shaved his beard for the first time in five years!  The boys were a bit puzzled by the look at first.  I missed seeing those sweet cheeks!

Little shopping at the tool store

Yay! I could not believe that both boys willingly and happily took a picture before church.

May As Well Be A Birthday Month!

Sunday officially began my birthday week!!
But I figure with the purchase of my dream car, a 2012 Toyota Sienna van, (Thanks Sam!!!), Mother's Day and my birthday week, that it may as well be my birthday month!  It has been a great month so far, filled with answered prayers and gracious blessings.  Turning 31 won't be too bad after all!

We Love Preschool!

Mac's school, which is preK through 8th grade, recently had a Spring Concert and Art Show.  His class was asked to say the pledge and sing a flag song.  We practiced and practiced the flag song to get him ready, since he only goes to school one day a week.  We practiced so much that now anytime we see a flag, Drew and Mac yell "Flag!!" and burst forth in song.  Success :)  Now, if he had only sung so enthusiastically at the concert...
Some artwork on display

Hand over heart, saying the pledge.  That's my boy all the way to the right.

Sam and I knew that Mac would either be ok with singing in front of the crowd or cry and run off.  We were very proud that he participated the whole time.  As you can see, he is cautiously participating, not yet even waving his flag, but participating nonetheless!

Finally took his flag out!

A week or so after the concert, Mac's class participated in the school science fair.  Their experiment was mixing oil and water.  They don't mix, like boys and girls in class don't mix.  But when you add an emulsifier, like a teacher is to a class, they can mix!  So cute :)

Mac and his friend Ben.  And you know Drew had to get up in the action, bottle and all.  He practically knocked over Ms. Lisa to get in the picture.
This was Mac's favorite science fair project.

Mother's Day

With each passing year, I realize how tremendously blessed I am to be the mother of two incredibly sweet boys.  And that I am beyond blessed to have an amazing mother who continues to love and support me.

Well, now, you know that Drew and the wind weren't going to cooperate for a picture.

We decided to celebrate with great friends and their kiddos.  Getting them all still was impossible!  We had a great lunch and then hit the pool...the guys sweetly played with all of the kids at the indoor pool while us moms caught some rays outside.  Perfect day!

My surprise gift Mac made for me at school.

You should try this recipe. Delicious!!

A Little of This and That in April...

One cool little guy!

It's always nice to have a superhero accompany you everywhere you go...

Especially one who shows off his huge muscles!

Fun at the park throwing rocks

I had to work hard to find a rock throwing spot that was not going to interfere with people fishing...geez, the things a mommy of boys have to do ;-)

They're posing, but they aren't looking. haha

Walking through the garden near the library, our every Wednesday destination for books and a movie

Our daddy is the best snowman builder ever!  Ours lasted six days!!!

Drew shares Mac's obsession with trains, and they are the best playmates...most of the time. haha

Learning "W" at school.
Spring came late but when it showed up, it was beautiful!