Thursday, May 14, 2015

"It's Baseball For Me!"

A few weeks ago Mac had his very first Tball game. He and Sam have been spending a lot of time practicing in the backyard, so we knew he had the potential to hit without the tee...we just weren't sure how it'd go at the game. I knew if he never got a hit during the game, he'd be very disappointed in himself. And boy were we SOOO excited when he hit it every time with the coach pitching!! :-) He was very proud, and so were we. Drew, Clara, Sam, CeCe and myself cheered and cheered! He later declared "that wasn't Tball for me. It was baseball cause I didn't need the tee!" Well, so you have it...his first "baseball" game. Looking forward to a great season and possibly many more years to come!
Proud #9 right here. 
Drew was so sweet and loudly cheered for Mac each time he was up at bat. Clara also joined in on the yelling action. Drew may not be old enough to play, but he sure wore his shirt and cleats proudly to watch. 
Look at that form! :-)
His biggest fans
Mac just loves it that Sam helps coach his team. Makes him feel very special. 
Look at that face!! I love it

Determination right here. 

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