Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little of This and That

First tastes of honeysuckles out on our bike ride/walk the other day. The boys decided that the kids who live at the house with the honeysuckles are very lucky: "If they get hungry and their mom says they can't have a snack, they can just walk outside to play and eat as much as they want!" 
First dentist trip for Drew. He watched as Mac went first, and both boys were excellent. I was very proud of Drew for being so big. No cavities! Yay!! And the dentist gave each of them one dollar! They were so excited. They also loved getting new toothbrushes and a toy out of the treasure box. Very successful visit to Dr. Smith. 
Drew is beginning to interact with Clara more and more and take the initiative to help, teach or play with her. 

Well, you know, just a little acrobatics teaching. Epcot is in our future ;-)

I discovered that, in a redneck way, I can fit all three kids in our sit n stand stroller. I was going to sell it but decided to hang on to it for a bit longer!

When you get Clara out of bed you know for a fact: 1. Her hair will be in her face 2. She will be holding as many loochies as she can in her hands with one in her mouth 3. She will choose a stuffed doll or animal to come out of the crib with her. Every. Time. And I love it!

There's just nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. This one happens to be tired from running errands all day with me while the boys are at their last day of "school"

The girl loves baths. Like, really loves them. And just lays right on back to play and relax. 

I have rearranged and changed the function of rooms in our house so many times. Sam kindly moves furniture when asked and helps me get things resituated. We just converted the dining room back into the play room. The kids are loving it so far. 

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